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Four Veil Symptoms of the Apocalypse in 2009


The first cycle of the Apocalypse has started with a global meld-down in the financial world on 15 Shevat. That date will be remembered as the biggest printing money stint in the history of mankind. I expected a big noise in NYC like 9/11, but then realized that God who created the schedule can modify it like he did in Nineveh.

However, what surprised me is that I missed something: the seven years of the Apocalypse may not be linear we all think. It could be an exponential time curve similar to the 7,000 Year history of humanity or the population curve copied from the Internet. It is a Babushka egg with the same pattern duplicated smaller in each other. Daniel’s prophecy was written in two languages, or levels, and conforms to an exponential parabolic time curve 7:5 ratio. That could represent that the 7 years will shrink exponentially to 5 years matching what Jesus said that the Apocalypse would be shortened. In some New Research Pearls we have proof.

The Revelation events of the four riders on four horses appear first at slow speed but will be accelerating exponential toward the 2012 date. Wondering once more how accurate the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) is linked to so many science discoveries like the ancient mystery bronze-gold clocks exhibited in various museums globally around the world.

As a scientist I am fascinated that so much of science and mathematics is embedded in the Bible. It can only be explained that Daniel’s prophesied time has arrived now revealed that some would be wise to figure out the Endtime to stop theological confusion even date the Apocalypse. It ended in six Babushka concept books available free on the Internet, which is connecting science discoveries with the Bible never done before. That should qualify to be a member in the Daniel’s Wise Club as the Apocalypse has arrived.

There is a lot of material published never preached in any church and not permitted in the halls of universities. That makes it obvious why we need a Wise Club in this high-tech society. Global financial disturbance is not enough to convince theologian that the Apocalypse has started. They reject and get paranoid when they see someone dating the Apocalypse.

No wonder they are still mired in denominational controversies from the Middle Ages not educated is science. God therefore for the skeptics reveals the Apocalypse through a science window to get around that theological mountain too high to clime. If you are not interested in prophecy, you will not know how to survive and therefore perish during the Apocalypse, as it becomes evident being rebellious to God’s Word. Jesus is the only solution to save life and soul when this civilization shuts down. Be warned my friend, and have hope. There is a chance to survive.

And He will destroy on this mountain The surface of the covering cast over all people, And the veil that is spread over all nations. (Isaiah 25:7)

The Beast System Veil

We all have a Veil imprinted since our childhood embossed from our culture we were born with and only see dimly what a Hebrew Bible prophecy from another culture could be telling us. Therefore, let’s open the veil with logic and a common sense and use the science perspective to see clearly what was prophesied from ancient times recorded for us avoiding undocumented opinions of theologians. Jesus mentioned and pointed out that the biggest veil our civilization has is similar to the Noah’s Atlantis civilization before 2288 BC. God said it was totally evil. Checking further Genesis reports, such as the book of Enoch, we learn that the Atlantis people were embroiled in genetic modification, which would have totally destroyed God’s creation and we would not be here today on this planet. Only 8 people survived on a boat, and they brought along a genetic gift for future generations – original, unmodified domestic animals and seeds to continue God’s Plan for Mankind since Adam and Eve (4004 BC). The rest of the animals did not survive the flood and became extinct.

Again, our modern political world system is driven again by technology like the Atlantis civilization genetic modification as all our food and domestic animals once more are genetically mixed. Than in addition prophecy point to the Endtime that political religious hatred is stirred to a frenzy, which will be creating a massive oppressive One World Government to counter the many nuclear and biological weapons, poised by underdeveloped countries controlled by crazy dictators. Just one man like Hitler could now by using high technology destroy all biological life forms permanently on our planet. To make it worse our collective world insanity is further fuelled by unscientific fairy tales teaching globally every child in an atheistic evolution cult religion enforced by an atheistic minority priesthood even globally controlling every university. That is why God’s Wrath will be global just like how  the Atlantis civilization totally disappeared with few surviving.

Only members of Daniel’s Wise Club are able to think logical from God’s perspective and are better informed to understand why God’s Wrath must arrived soon to save mankind again from total destruction to start over again after 4300 years but this time with godly laws. The third civilization after 2015 will last 1000 years and is narrated in my various Babushka books.

Three more notions come to my mind. Removing them would overcome ignorance and provide a little extra help in understanding prophecy and the Apocalypse. God is now removing the veil we all have in front of our eyes from birth.

The Veil of Israel

Most Christians think that only Jews have a veil not yet realizing that Jesus is their Messiah. That will end during the last ethnic cleansing prophesied known as Jacob’s Trouble, which will start on 9 Av 5775. It will intend to totally erase that tiny nation, though from ancient times they have clung to a promise God made to give their land back.

Just like Hitler did another repeat of the many attacks against the Jewish people on the 9th of Av, an Islamic mob and armies coming with hatred from the north–east-south concentrated bent on exterminating every Jew, child, old man or woman once and for all. Armageddon, the last war on earth. Jesus will rescue only one third of the Jews in Israel. He will come just in time from space in dreadful power and unimaginable cosmic splendor to save a remnant of his people and the rest of mankind from extinction.

Powerful nations assembled in Armageddon on the edge to release all their accumulated biological and nuclear bombs to be activated will only be prevented by Jesus appearing just in time to save his creation from extinction. Previously, all global satellites and all communication technology will have been destroyed causing a worldwide blackout of technology collapsing the global financial system. In 2008, the Chinese tested their new missiles by destroying their own satellite. That test is a precursor for my Armageddon projection.

Only few will survive the Armageddon vortex centered on the Middle East because Israel still rejects their Messiah Jesus. Therefore, the Jews (not believing in the Messiah) have chosen to be part of the world political atheistic Beast System. They will be judged just the same as others with God’s Wrath pored out over an atheistic world system.

Historically, the Jews now living in Israel collectively still reject their Messiah Jesus and refusing to read the Prophets. In it is recorded blessings and curses as they are under a binding covenant. It will have big consequence rejecting their Messiah. Still rejecting the Messiah according to Jesus’ prophecy, their Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. Half a million people were killed by the Romans. They still stubbornly resist and refuse to read the prophets, the covenant and its conditions right up to this very day.

History records another rebellion 65 years later but this time the Roman government removed everybody from Palestine and sold them as slaves throughout Europe. After Jesus’ resurrection, the Christians were jointly embedded in the Jewish synagogues. After the first rebellion a division developed. Christians were afraid to be linked to unpopular, rebellious Jews, so the Church mostly removed all Jewish features from their theology. The believers were now divided. That division was transferred to many countries to prolong the curse announced by the prophets for another 1800 years.

This veil about Jesus being the Jewish Messiah continues for most Jews living in Israel to this very day. The covenant curse is still activated, preventing Jews from understanding God’s Plan. If you do not read the prophets, you cannot know the covenant God made with Israel.

But God promised, testified by many prophets that Israel will return to that ancient land of promises again and establish them in the midst of their prehistoric enemies born from the same father Abraham. Jews will prosper and will be confronted again with the Messiah they crucified. However let’s recognize that God’s Plan for Mankind was foretold and is not a Jewish fault what happened in Jerusalem 33 AD but was meant for the salvation for all mankind. Israel only became the instrument to fulfill all of God’s counsel.

After 28 September 2015, a special Jewish holiday - Yom Kippur, will match the only sun-moon eclipse within the range of 500 years linking to the solstice-equinox zodiac overlays. As Jesus prophesied, he will appear on his birthday from the Heh-Jod dimension and start the second phase of fulfilled prophecy impacting every country and every nation. It will fulfill prophecy connecting a historic, rejected and suffering Messiah returned to earth as King of kings and Lord of Lords to rule the world in righteousness and usher in the Kingdom of God to last 1000 years without wars.

Jesus said beforehand that he would die. He gave the details and predicted his resurrection; therefore, when he said he will come back as King, we should trust him telling the truth. If he was not resurrected, forget history and die in your sins. Many prophecies are being fulfilled right now, which become witnesses to testify that the other forecast will take place, too. Jesus taught that our civilization will end like Noah’s days; therefore, look up in the sky and notice a 52 km asteroid ready to strike the earth – just waiting in its 825-day orbit as published in science magazines in 2006.

The Christian Veil

The second group needs a membership in Daniel’s Wise Club. A veil on the understanding of Christian theologians keeps the pastors and church members asleep.

Visiting many churches and seeing TV preachers, it is obvious that they are not educated in science, which is the Christian veil. They cling to outdated dogmas postulated by opinionated people since the Middle Ages when scientific knowledge was still in its infancy stage. It created hundreds of denominations with everyone proclaiming that they understand the Bible a little better than the neighboring church.

Christians cannot tell what time it is on the Prophecy Clock, which helps to keep them from overcoming false dogmas preached for centuries. One is the rapture theory invented by a little girl belonging to the Laughing Spirit church in England, which impressed scholar John Nelson Darby in the last century. That veil has consequences seen a hundred years later contributing to the coming destruction of America, as we have become a witness in American politics during 2009.

A thicker veil blinding many Christians keeps them from reading for themselves what the Bible plainly states about history and prophecy. When they see a book with a date on its cover like Apocalypse 2008-2015, they freak out. Their ignorant pastors get immediately into action to reinforce the only verse every Christian’s brainwashed knows and dutiful repeats - “no one knows the time.” Try it out. Tell any church friends the Apocalypse has started, and watch his or her response to automatically repeating one verse of the Bible.

For your information that misquoted verse (Matthew 24:36) belongs to the next section of the gospel about the concept that heaven and earth will pass away with only God’s Word lasting forever. Only the Father can know the time for that event because he is the Designer. It is not connected to the Apocalypse, which can be dated! Notice on the bottom of any good translation, “Nor the Son” was inserted later and is not in the original. That insertion would imply that Jesus lied as he said to Philip in John 14:9, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” How was Jesus “One” with the Father but does not know what the Father does? How many confused denominations were spanned by careless Bible interpretation!

A new earth and heavens is still in the making and not finished yet in creating and should add that “time dimension” does no longer exist in God’s new creation. Therefore no clocks needs to be invented as knowing the hour without clocks in a timeless dimension is impossible understanding physics and should clear up some theological confusion to help a little explaining obscure Bible text.

Because Christians resist any information telling them that the Apocalypse has started, and theologians refuse even to investigate books free on the Internet. God uses the science media window to communicate his Word to remove the last veil vestige for Christians by overlaying science knowledge with the Bible to convince some and invited them into Daniel’s club of the Wise. The rest of rebellious Christian people not listening to God’s warning will perish like Noah’s relatives and friends who disobeyed God’s Word. As an example, only Noah believed when God told them an asteroid was coming to destroy the Atlantis civilization. Atlantis is now history.

Let me explain why I think Christian belief in a rapture theory has become a contributing cause in destroying America. That association will be upsetting many pastors - especially those teaching a false Gospel being confronted with Bible truth.

For the time is coming when people will not put up with sound doctrine, but having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own desires. (2Timothy 4:3)

Most comatose Christians refuse to recognize that the Apocalypse has started, but God is using another option. Now a science window, where the Bible can be cross-referenced with physics and mathematics, gives us new insights to understand prophecy a little better. Pay attention. America's Christians are collectively guilty being implicated in the mass murder of 60 million of their own children in America through abortion. The number exceeds Hitler’s and Stalin’s atrocities. How can anybody make such a terrible statement?

As a scientist, I am educated to understand the laws of physics like cause-effect. A bullet once left the gun cannot be recalled or corrected and will hit the target as aimed. Consequences of our actions are like bullets and believing in a false rapture theory has consequences too and will not prevent the bullet from conforming to its predetermined path.

Most Christians where lulled in by ignorant theologian to believe that God’s loves them, which is true, but do not have to worry about judgment, not true. A rapture doctrine created a complacency, which negated to tolerate evil without protest which makes us collectively an accomplice. It created a lukewarm Christian society of big churches with swimming pools and all the trappings of wonderful fellowship raising a family: all good intentions but is undistinguishable to my atheist neighbor educated with a degree. All pursuing the American dream in the last 40 years to become successful making money, buying bigger monster houses and larger cars mostly everything duplicated like a world around us.

Christians should have been the salt but got lulled into a belief system that they are special God loves them, and if the apocalypse prophesied should appear, we will be gone and disappeared in thin air my pastor tells me avoiding judgment meant for others. Popular books sold in the millions like a Christian pilot raptured all of a sudden missing in thin air followed by panic. In these stories, the president would only hire an atheist pilot to fly his Air Force One airplane.

Historically Christians have been the majority under a 200-year-old Christian Constitution based on Judeo-Christian Bible principles. A recent survey reveals that 78% of Catholic-Protestant-Jews still believe in a creator God explained in the Bible. That survey established the majority. The Bible used to be in every classroom, hotel bedroom, government facilities and empowering politicians made the promise to uphold the principles laid out in the Bible.

But comatose Christians of a 78% majority are guilty of having allowed 60 million babies to be killed and never even protested and permitted every Bible to be removed from each class room no longer aloud to pray in public or the classroom. How it was possible to allow a tiny minority of 1.7% atheist lawyers to divide our Christian culture that was the envy of the world and is now controlling and forcefully impose an exclusive evolution religion in every university and throwing out a 200-year old Constitution?

Most historic monuments and signs linked to a 4000-year history book of mankind erased like burning the Bible during Hitler time. All symbols of our heritage and American vestige culture have been totally removed from our consciousness. A generation has grown up that no longer knows the American history based on the Judeo-Christian heritage.

Our prisons are filled to over capacity with young people and now releases 40,000 hard-core criminals back into the streets in bankrupt California, and our universities teaching fairy tales and think it is science. It is now a crime for a Navy Chaplain to pray the last farewell in Jesus name over the open grave of a soldier sacrificed for us to be free. He will be immediately court marshaled and lose rank and retirement for violating the rule of not to mention Jesus’ name.

The majority Christians are guilty in voting in only atheistic corrupt politicians, atheistic judges, and atheistic government officials and school boards to make sure illegal laws violating the Constitution are enforced with a police force. Christians did not care even voted in an Islamic president not a US citizen as the atheistic courts ignore the many applications in various States and will not verify his birth. The media will not clarify either that Obama gave one million Dollars to his uncle a Marxist socialist connected to Islamic terrorists to unseat a constitutional government.

A 78% Christian majority is now ruled by an atheistic minority 1.7% and will repeat Hitler and Stalin history guaranteed.

America is not only doomed by an Apocalypse, but from the science window check out fertility laws, which are irreversible. We do not even need an Apocalypse to decline as a nation as justice must be applied if God is righteous. As Sodom and Gomorrah and ancient cultures will testify, any culture that sacrificed their own children has grossly violated God’s Laws and thereby incurs God’s Wrath of extinction. Briefly the fertility laws demonstrate that for a society to maintain its population, it must have a fertility rate of 2.3. A 1.8 rate spells out an irreversible extinction of such a culture.

Americans killed 60 million of their best future scientists like Newton, or musicians like Bach and Beethoven. Now America’s globally envied Constitution, fought for by the first pilgrims, is permanently doomed as Americans of European descent have a fertility rate of only 1.3!

America has murdered their own children like primitive atheistic culture representing 25% of the total population (one out of four) will therefore unavoidable becoming extinct in 20 years according to the fertility laws. I think it will be over 2015 read Babushka books. America’s culture without the Apocalypse just concluding logical the laws of physics will be replaced by foreigners pushing another religion based on Islam dictatorship killing Jews and Christians we see in the Middle East as an example.

The laws of the Koran will be competing with Mexican population controlled by a cartel causing revolution, death and destruction as the Bible principles-based Constitution is no longer around, being made obsolete by atheistic Supreme Court judges. The Bible will have disappeared, replaced with the Koran, because it has become a totally atheistic society in just a few decades. We are currently embroiled in wars and revolutions in many Islamic countries. Their cities lie in rubble with thousands dying on their streets due to terrorist bombs no longer reported in the media. Only God will remain on the end of that equation: he will have the last word.

The Christians will be blamed by future history for believing in an false rapture theory that made them lukewarm as prophesied - to be spit out by the Holy Spirit. (Revelation 3:16) The Churches became complacent, worldly rather than suffering by proclaiming the Gospel and resisting evil. Christians should not vote for atheistic politicians making the laws of the country nor supporting an atheistic public education system that has created the present atheistic generation like in Noah’s days, totally evil. It will be removed like Sodom and Gomorrah on 17 September 2015.

That is maybe why Revelation speaks of Angel preaching the Gospel on the four corners of the earth no other choice exist as comatose Christian failed only interested to make more money. It is projected from science and Bible prophecy overlaid with many discoveries for those who are guilty.

The Science Veil

Science has the biggest veil – also over a hundred years old: the evolutionary fairytales invented by Darwin who postulated a theory now elevated to an atheistic religion exclusively taught in our universities and every school.

A cult evolution religion does not need proof in science but modified entropy laws of physics with many fairy tales assumed by some champions voicing their opinions controlled by a minority atheistic priesthood but having access to big money and therefore not permitted discussion outside that religion debating old-fashioned science in the halls of education.

The biggest story they believe is that if a girl kissed a frog becomes a prince. Similar to the rapture theory a girl must be the reason to start out what the next generation must believe. In the girl science story now painted in every science museums wall globally for lack of evidence starts with a single cell worm getting in the next picture series eventual a tail and wings and gusto in billions years will end in a monkey walking upright next to a relative evolved with an PhD degree looking more handsome.

The evidence of a single cell is usually denied but can be plainly seen investigating DNA. It must have embedded intelligence like a microchip embedded inside a computer. Without that imbedded code, it will not work to procreate another simple cell of its kind. That is covered up by the evolution religionists, who never talked to Bill Gates, or they could have become acquainted with how computer codes work. Without embedded code our banking system, including your Visa card, wouldn’t work.

Therefore, it is illogical to believe that entropy laws do not exist within the evolution context so that increasing intelligence can evolve at an over 100% rate of energy conversion. If you add a virus code to your laptop computer, it does not evolve and work better. Explain to me, if you are better educated, why an added virus always crashes every computer instead.

Evolution cult religion has no proof, of course, anywhere across the total science spectrum but fairy tales do not have to be proven either. Even a billion years makes no sense as we have instruments now, which can measure the sun. As the sun burns energy becomes smaller in diameter, which can be measured. Applying those small increments and multiply by alleged billion years for life to exist gets the sun so large that life could not have evolved being too hot a sun too large. But fairy tales sound so good and a detail like that is ignored.

There are so any mysteries not defined by evolution cult religion cannot even describe what it is you will not see it on TV. For example, what is gravity force running my cuckoo clock? Speaking of other clocks many are exhibited in museums around the world. It is still a science mystery too and do not know why and how so many clocks made of stone-Aztec, some gold-Persian, some Greek bronze Antikythera with 32 gears fished out from the ocean, all are ancient and never was told what they measure?

Recently the IPK Platinum Standard in the Paris vault and its 40 sisters became obese and weigh heavier? Why that would change many of Newton’s Laws really upsetting scientists!

Then there is the Hubble telescope totally screws up even the big bang theory seeing a paradox an expanding and contracting universe now got a bigger range with different color filters. More mysteries cannot be explained with an evolution religion: where does life come from, how it is embedded inside the atom, why is there only a very, very narrow window where life is possible? How is life embedded in a single cell? A tiny fraction of error - less than one percent - would cause extinction.

Even every atom has embedded intelligence like a big IBM computer miniaturized in a microchip nucleus to make the neutrinos control in a manner to bind protons which will spoon with other atoms all according to predetermined laws of physics. That again is denied by an evolution cult religion as they build bigger cyclotrons by trying to smash the neutrino intelligence analogue if you smashed you head to smithereens would better understand how your brain works. No kidding spending hundred billions do just that. Therefore, fairytales are expensive or just a means to become rich and employable depending on which site of the consulting contract table you are seated. The one site gets the billion-dollar bonus printed from thin air. That is not a fairytale.

How About Removing the Veil

If you want to be better informed about the Bible, atom science, ancient clocks, genetic modification exposed and global warming linked to prophecy read Babushkas books now six on the internet for free with many Forum Pearls ask by internet friends. It reveals God’s Plan for Mankind and why we will experience an Apocalypse 2008-2015 that will be ending our civilization God’s Wrath poured out.

When God cleans up pollution, removes the politicians and atheistic scientists destroying our earth, he will save mankind from extinction to start God’s kingdom on Earth. New laws will be introduced that will establish a civilization prophesied to last without war for 1000 years.
The Golden Age we all long for will arrive after 28 September 2015 corrected from a previous earth axis wobble exponential stopped at 2012 now used by science in a NASA calendar. If you want to be assured of the proper Apocalypse date make certain studying history in our museums and use a corrected calendar as the earth had a previous wobble 2287 BC in ancient times ending on 2012.

That date is not a mystery; forget fairy tales postulated by theologians and atheistic scientist they will perish in a few years like Noah’s relative and friends. Only what Jesus told us will happen because he invented the system why you and I exist. He said if you want to know the time of the Apocalypse look up in the sky and observe the zodiac and moon-sun eclipse, solstice and equinox relationship again five like the Heh dimension. We have a choice staying ignorant, muddy along until the laws of nature caught up with us like bullet reaches it target.

We can even be stupid not accepting the evidence of 70 witnesses and even deny God does not exist not very smart, as you breathe every minute needs his breath to stay alive. Not understanding it makes not a difference as God’s creation exists even without our approval and can only mess it up according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Read the Babushka books as long as they are on the Internet will disappear in Armageddon as all satellites will no longer exist or work guaranteed. Watch the most important date has now 70 witnesses testifying and could convince any court of law even if you are comatose or believe in fairytales.

28 September 2015

And he said to me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near. Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.”

“See, I am coming soon; my reward is with me, to repay according to everyone’s work.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” (Revelation 22:10-12 NRSV)

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