Pearl #201 -

Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine #11

Extracting free electricity from Atoms
for Household escalating power 1000x 
for windmills, bullet trains and airplanes


The extraordinary totally free green energy described in the 9th Babushka concept book will take some time to understand because our present education system is biased in unscientific evolution religion enforced globally in every university. But this web site dare and expose the invisible forbidden laws of metaphysics that cannot be measured with instruments but nevertheless are real like your MIND hopefully not turned off.

Let's continue to discuss a new UREE #11 application to prove my green free energy theory by comparing the same method to understand how a streetcar motor on the inside really works to recycle electricity creating more magnetism from the stator to the rotor back to the stator turning the motor faster. When magnetism is recycled gets more electron slaves working previously described in an analogy for my grandkids.

It is obvious that the UREE #11 motor systems must be driven by an easily available energy source but is only free of charge when redirected into perpetual motion to amplify electricity becoming extremely cheap. That is accomplished with a flywheel and once cranked requires less energy to keep it going - just like a cuckoo clock pendulum needs only a small energy kick at the right time linked to a gravity moving weight.    

Free electrical energy is not known in universities will therefore be difficulty to understand and perhaps in-between switching back and forth to different UREE concepts could be helpful when you are stuck. In this UREE #11 we will describe a little the fundamental for my grandkid teaching science how electricity is amplified within a Donut atom creating magnetism as free energy is not a religious conviction but must come from somewhere.

Our understanding will get better checking out various other options bases on simple physics enhancing a generator design like printed board wheels in the next design choice. When shaped into a low inertia cup set up, an accelerating and rotating super-magnetic field will amplify electricity explained in UREE #13 & UREE #16. That will prove that more electricity is produced in principle by turning a flywheel motor linked to air-wind-water-solar therefore can be amplified 1000 X and more.

That is achieved by the addition of two crossover connected electric generators. That opens the opportunity of many more choices in application, which helps to overcome clouds, windless nighttime cycles and portability.  

New inventions must conform to physics electricity is produced when a wire loop passes a magnet to get a pulse. Done faster and recycled infinitely but if biased will create a higher bias voltage, the pulse becomes stronger repeated again creating eventually a higher output electricity which I consider profit.

Once more explained a streetcar motor turning wire-loop-boards driven by solar-gravity-air or water energy will magnify electricity by the use of stronger, permanent neodymium-iron-boron super magnets now available commercially. This idea works according to the three-finger electrical hand rule. Remember the extra energy is extracted from the super magnets’ oscillating magnetism embedded on the first entropy ∞ atom energy level created by moving protons at high speed within a nuclear Donut Atom.

That also creates a negatively charged magnetic cloud levitating concentrated electrons condensed from pressurized AIR that will now jump from one oxygen atom to another crossing over a magnetic bridge allowing electrons to be extracted as extra electricity.

For example, focusing on the solar-water UREE #14 invention, which combines the conventional sunlight expelled from compressed sun-atoms becomes a second entropy energy level having lost energy travelling to earth in Kelvin cold.  But if linked together with energy of the first entropy embedded in magnet atoms, which is infinite, will get more. That is how we get additional energy spliced out. My new inventions gain extra energy using a standard motor linked to Gravity- Sun- Wind- Air- or Water but must be turning "perpetually" using a flywheel for temporal kinetic energy storage.

At that moment the embedded energy is further converted, recycling magnetism infinitely inside two generators’ wire, crossing over now transformed to electricity. The energy will gain intensity to the critical resonance frequency by perpetually turning biased copper-wire-loops faster while exposing a resonating additional stronger magnetic force inside atoms. 

When a resonating magnetic field is recycled will generate a higher concentrated magnetic field that gives us more electricity in a streetcar motor or reversed becomes a generator. When energy is combined from the second entropy (like a sun-solar panel) with the first entropy magnetism embedded in atoms like super-magnets with an internal billion volt level it will oscillate faster; therefore, free electrons are squeezed out via a magnetic bridge only produced by perpetual motion like coming from the sun energy turning perpetual over a simple motor as long as the sun shines. 

On the atom level at a certain critical resonance frequency speeding up electrons must be clipped off to prevent an explosion that is how an atomic bomb works. It is like you car speedometer drive not beyond the red zone critical resonance frequency shown on your dial or the motor will burn up. Only electrons can give us free ELECTRICITY on a higher nuclear level.

Therefore, the system must be stabilized at a constant speed below the resonance frequency to give 110 volts as long the sun shines or is windy. At night, the system will need to switch another UREE type to use hydrogen and oxygen recombination mode converted to electricity for a 24-hr cycle. Both proposed invention ideas together are worth billions of dollars. Applied to a WINDMILL generating electricity can consequently be amplified 1000 times or more.

All UREE proposals have two elementary entropy stages, which is a totally new discovery. The major UREE concept must first achieve perpetual motion to allow similar motor pistons return the high-pressure into the air tank and when linked to a generator gets electrical profit. Making the piston head from super magnets enhances the UREE concept (UREE #12) creating higher electricity, which is more profit.

But focusing on the second new discovery about MAGNETISM is more extraordinary. Investigating how really a motor works, we find out that the electrical magnetic force creates additional electricity on a higher level when magnetic energy crosses over and adds a bias in the other copper loop, which then accelerates the rotor similar to a streetcar motor. The upshot is new generator design that could fuel a jumbo jet, no kidding (Pearl #206-UREE #16).

That is a totally new concept. It is similar to what happens inside an electrical motor when magnetism is ∞ recycled from the stator to the rotor back to the stator resulting in work made skyscrapers possible. Without a motor even Wall-Mart would not exist as every single item was manufactured with a motor. Later I got an even bigger surprise when I realized that the double acting UREE generator-motor combination is a mirror reflection of the Donut Atom Model postulated four years ago. The new Donut Atom Model proposed a different atomic structure not yet tolerated in universities prevented by a stupid illogical evolution religion perverting knowledge creating irrational fairytales taught as science but is really simple for my grandkids below the high school level explaining Babushka egg concepts.  

Protons do not just sit around but are spinning at high light speed being pushed by neutrinos. That creates magnetism applying the three finger electrical rule. It produces a negative magnetic outer sphere therefore levitating negative charged electrons also moving. But Newton law teaches us that what moves must have a cause. Only energy from a galaxy black hole fits the ticket now postulated but the proof is 16 UREE function as a witness.

The path of protons shaping a donut traces a spinning infinite math symbol (∞) around the center dot very fast. That will appear as a three-dimensional shape similar pictured to a round red blood particle dished in on both sides in the center. This shape in mathematics is the perfect geometrical design to transfer energy.

Again, is this only a coincidence since it is duplicated so many times in nature? Only intelligence could have created any existence fueled with energy. That cannot be explained with an unscientific atheistic evolution religion.

Following the energy trail to better understand electricity lets look at the hourglass nebulae photographed on the front cover of my 9th Babushka egg concept book, which is a picture of a Donut Atom. We cannot see all of the energy exchange like gravity-antigravity, magnetism and invisible frequencies on either side of the rainbow spectrum.

The photograph only shows a vortex of beautiful rainbow color energy lines, red to yellow, moving to green blue or towards the infinite energy DOT center black hole. That frequency spectrum reveals nature of all the elements on earth discovered by Fraunhofer categorized in spectral lines.

Currently we distinguish better how galaxies are formed trading Babushka egg concepts. Seeing motion in the picture demonstrates the spinning Donut Atom outer wheel or electron shell. Because some portion beyond red is invisible to our eyes, we need to just keep drawing red colors spiraling in circles forming a Donut linked to the concentrated energy center dot similar to the picture of another rotating galaxy copied in the 9th Babushka book. Just use a scissor and cut the neck and put it back together seeing a round ball with a North and South Pole demonstrated for my grandkid a vibrating Donut-Atom picture.

However, the Fraunhofer rainbow-energy is based on physics duplicated everywhere in nature therefore can reveal the invisible domain of a Donut atom spiraling around like a big wheel - very fast with the speed of light. It is also a wheel within a wheel like two loops (∞) circling at high speed through the donut center. Remember Ezekiel's wheel within a wheel spaceship is similar. (Ezekiel 1:16; 10:2)

The moving proton-neutron force behaves like a generator creating magnetism to form a negatively charged cloud levitating electrons according to the three finger electrical rule. It functions like generator with the inner atom rotor turning magnetic energy in a vortex at 90⁰ to shape a donut circling at high speed as replicated in that galaxy picture if expanded.

My new atom theory (Babushka book #6) will better fit this model explaining physics. Tracing the energy path on a three dimensional level within a Donut Atom could be simulated in a mechanical UREE gismo, which works similarly.

I designed the UREE generator comparable to a Donut Atom Model which behaves like a turned crankshaft at high speeds to replicate the donut atom performing like a fly-wheel, but it is also turning inside like ∞ motor loop, thus passing magnetism from one loop to the other through the donut hole circling around the North to South atom Pole like two generator axes resembling a wheel within a wheel. Does this explain logical the three-dimensional donut level better?

Let me explain it once more for my little grandkid. The reason why the UREE really works is linked to the structure of atomic nuclei as presented in the new Donut Atom Model. It is similar to streetcar motor designed to create electricity inside by recycling magnetism from the rotor to the stator and back to the rotor like the ∞ symbol.

That makes the wheels go faster and faster always giving more and needs a conductor to stop it, otherwise it could blow up. A solar panel, on the other hand, only gives so much electricity slowed down by Kelvin cold. If linked together, these two will store the extra energy from streetcar-motor via a flywheel.

Eventually, these components working together will run constantly without a conductor ignoring friction or eddy currents and other factors in physics as the accelerated energy in the generator is very large. When energy on the atom level reaches the critical resonance frequency it will flip into another element Fraunhofer defined.

But before that point is reached now linked to a UREE could extract huge energy from compressed Oxygen atoms in air to make it portable will fuel the next civilization all free and green.  To explain an invisible turning donut atom flywheel to my grandkid can be visualized with a blown up tire inner tube in the pool. The floating tire behaves like an energy machine if you spin it around and around floating on top of the water. In the case of an atom, it spins at the speed of light. 

When a Donut atom spins at high speed it creates magnetism for levitating electrons. We can visualize moving magnetism when we put a cloth line across the tire and make an infinite loop by inserting the end in the center. Go underneath and come around back to the same center on the other side. Then, come around ending with two loops in the center of the tire. You just made a ∞ cloth-line. But hold the loops and move the tire between the loops still rotating with a spin and imagine that the tire would spin faster between the cloth line loops.

In an atom’s world, it would be light speed. However, the cloth-line demonstrated magnetism generated from moving protons like your finger did going through the center and around crossing over once more through the center and coming out on the other side to make a double loop. If you keep going we now have the wheel within a wheel idea moving magnetism, all accelerate with the speed of light - if it was an atom inner tube flywheel.

Once more the magnetic cloth-line demonstrates a path of many proton-neutrons circling around a Donut-tire-atom flywheel at high speed. When something moves like that it has embedded energy, which caused magnetism in the donut theory, and magnetism can be converted to electricity inside a generator. If we attach in-line two turning generators to the tire tubing cloth line, some rotating energy would be leftover if it was linked to a streetcar motor (Tire rotating like a flywheel) always giving more.  

That idea is replicated in the UREE to work like a flywheel combination. We collect a little extra energy from the flywheel by adding two generators driven by the same streetcar motor. Collected together in a transformer, it will drive my hybrid automobile without gasoline guaranteed.

The principle of UREE #11 extracting free energy from nature must be first linked to perpetual motion evicted from gravity-air-water-sun and when connected to a streetcar motor with two generators on each side of the motor axis will gain free electricity. But the wire connection must be crossing over to the other generator so that one loop pulse is transferred across creating a bigger pulse recycled in the next wire loop crossed over again, keep going like your cloth line illustration.

That creates stronger magnetic osculating pulses in a wire loop gaining an electrical output and keeps adding electricity until the red zone critical resonance frequency is reached to self-destruct therefore must be stopped with intelligence by a conductor. The question remains: Would two old-fashioned generators invented 100 years ago bought from the car dealer linked with the second UREE concept options amplify enough electricity which makes driving an existing hybrid car perpetual possible? Or could a windmill generator modified give us 1000 times more profit?

Our web site describes 16 UREE variations discovering the Ultimate Renewable Energy but not all will be practical depending on application. A portable gigantic Hoover-dam power extraction is too big for a motorized bicycle. Thus, I feel the need to add something for clarification that could open up other benefits. The lengthily 9th Babushka egg concept book described an energy path how to extract infinite energy from the cosmos linked to atoms. We live in the middle exposed to GRAVITY, WIND, WATER, AIR and SOLAR and discovered methods how to extract free electricity but is only useful in smaller energy chunks.

Free green electrical energy extracted from nature is only possible when two entropy energy levels are combined like the infinite ∞ math symbol demonstrated. As an example, if we throw a stone into the pond, it creates waves. Utilizing the stone first entropy (atom energy) creates a wave of second entropy (kinetic energy). If added together, they can be converted to gain extra electricity to drive a car perpetually. The fundamentals conform to physics but need more applied analysis for the majority of unbelieving doubting Thomas.

My UREE system will work because of two forgotten dynamic entropy laws. I am sure that this application of physics will make big money for somebody.

A Second Witness Using Free ENERGY

Free energy can no longer be denied by the corrupted energy cartel now gets better applying one or the other UREE contraption option. Solar amplified electricity will obsolete ugly wires telephone power poles with transformers replacing expensive batteries, no longer require costly equipment just a simple system on my roof linked with three wires to the basement. Furthermore, when linked to a simple UREE motor with two generators, it will get amplified 1000 times more "free" energy forever.

When the energy cartel realizes that solar energy brings down the price, they put a diversion tactic in high gear on TV to discredit this new technology that gives the impression that solar energy is way-out too expensive, as demonstrated by two solar companies in California. One received 500 million dollars from the Federal Energy Department earlier mentioned and was even visited by President Obama establishing a linkage as he initiated once more deadly radiation poisoned nuclear energy PowerStation in 2012. The solar-company has now filed bankruptcy after only three months. All the money is gone, and the congressional investigation acts confused. They are more likely on the take as the money disappeared in quicksand.

The Internet revealed many cheaper options about recent huge discounts of solar panels from China. Now think a little with logic. If you convert the disappeared investment to standard commercially available solar panels, it could give 25,000 households free electricity forever, or 75,000 people, a whole town, could enjoy free energy. That would be a much better investment for individual taxpayers. If the other bankrupt solar company is included, it would double the benefit.

That points to a problem. When government gets in the manufacturing business, everything gets screwed up, increasing the benefit for the class of privilege. It should rather legislate for everybody to have easy access, and systematically implement it one town at a time by converting the existing, aged energy system. It will obsolete old wires, old transformers and should control the devious interference of the energy cartels and special interests paying off senators running for reelection. It would encourage honest representatives instead.

California is always first to start new companies, but watch for big money giveaways. According to Newton's law, they will sink fast in the many bottomless tax loopholes designed for those working for the government establishment. Mentioning names could get into big trouble just watching TV. 

The Most Dangerous Energy for Mankind

Our greatest challenge for a modern society is how to produce "unlimited green energy" now postulated can be extracted totally free from GRAVITY, WATER and AIR only explained in complimentary Babushka concept books. It may look on the surface impossible but is not magic applying old-fashioned physics.

But can it be used for space travel? It will take some time to really understand how it is possible to get free energy but must be linked to a new Donut atom theory explaining how electricity is created within atoms that could be extracted quite cheaply without a nuclear reaction. The answer is yes, now 16 UREE model ideas are postulated depending on application and size but for political reason will take a little more time to implement some of it.

Neutral green non-polluting energy rooted in a teeter-totter science world of good and evil must be controlled by a sound mind. We have choices when compared to life. Jesus advice us chose LIFE or chose a mushroom in the sky prophesied in Armageddon we all have become familiar with. Both are connected to energy in my last discussion describing how a UREE works for the benefit of mankind or will it be used for the destruction of all mankind. You be the judge.

The biggest teeter-totter energy exchange became visible in movies and pictures of a mushroom in the sky. Original the incentive of going nuclear was to build bombs like a bigger bat to bludgeon others to end all war of wars. In time it expanded and to make it salable to ignorant people now disguised and promoted as the cheapest energy we need, as oil price is too high another lie (remember $15 a barrel). That opened another good reason going into space and told us that nuclear is the only viable option crossing the vast open space another lie.

Applying nuclear energy for peaceful purpose is another lie never counted how many people since have died on radiation never included the cancer victims do not even know that it is the most expensive energy ever extracted and converted to electricity which is a true statement. Our government never stopped lying to us for a bona fide reason still hidden and never revealed the real cost per KW/hrs. buried in the national debt never had a budged accounting, it does not exist.

We kept producing deadly nuclear material to be superior and have enough bombs to destroy the world over a thousand times, but a good opportunity is never wasted to make obscene money to some to continue along a destructive path, which made it easy to siphon off and steal billions of dollars on a regular basis by none existing consulting companies and contractors presented only on phony invoice paper which cannot be traced, remember no accounting exist. Mega money is needed now to be re-elected to high office to remain in the class of privilege, but that has horrendous consequences for our grandchildren if we still believe that Newton's law has consequences and still works.

Pay attention if you want to live a little longer and follow my path being a scientist investigating the facts from a technical perspective with a sound mind forbidden in the public arena as it will point out corrupted politics evil to the core. Using deadly nuclear power is absolute insanity which ultimate in a relative short time will totally poison this earth more so like a thousand bombs exploding but because it is invisible to everyone nobody knows about it and therefore is very urgent.

Once again, because radiation energy is invisible most people are not concerned. But judging what some honest experts tell us that this invisible lethal radiation will kill eventual all LIFE on earth as it is so long lasting 100,000 years. It is scandalous and evil to continue with this program. Tell Obama still have not after 50 years invented a single container for the hundreds of nuclear power stations to safely hiding the spend radiating nuclear rods.

If you want more proof of the biggest lie that nuclear power-stations are safe, postulated by most universities lying to get the next government grand and cover-up that rusting iron is safe linked to another lie that cement is sturdy and will not crack when applied to radiating storage pools. That is announced by a paid off media to an ignorant comatose public. We hear on TV do not worry we tested every aspect of safety with the latest science controlling nuclear radiation to be stable for 100,000 years. If we repeat a lie over and over will become facts for a deranged mind.

But only Babushka egg concepts dare to expose that the emperor has no cloth on not believing in fairytales but pointing the finger to vast areas of abandoned ghost towns and farmland check out Japan and Russia, which cannot be denied now void of all life never to hear a baby crying again for 100,000 years and conveniently blamed it as an act of God.

Ignoring warnings, look at humpty dumpty when cut off the branch his was sitting on, has consequence in physics and no longer applied and now suppressed in our culture. Notice everything became relative advertised as a better choice forgetting that to know the difference of evil and good made mankind survived for 6000 years, now conveniently ignored because it is found in the bible not allowed anymore, another story.

Pay attention to make my point, recently seen on CNN TV our President Obama visiting South Korea University in Soul (3/15/2012) and reaffirming nuclear power once more. Student listening being scared looking at their faces now hearing another round was planned to build another lethal nuclear power-station to be started once more in America programmed to end in massive death not told. It is obvious our governments not listening to the United Nation Energy Department warnings.

Germany usually leading in technology is the first country to realize its danger to a society and therefore announced shutting down every nuclear-power-station under their control. They just discovered 2012 radiating drinking water next to a nuclear plant. But our corrupted American government typical ignores such NEWS.

Last Warning 2012 - Why a Big UREE Jonah Fish?

A deadly Genie spirit will soon rise out from the underground-drinking water system everywhere near nuclear power-stations as storage cement will be unavoidable cracking from rusting iron which will cause deadly radiation seeping into the sub-terrain mixing with dinking water accelerated by the next earthquake.  

The public does not know that such evil exist prevented by a surrounding fence nor allowed to asked question in public to keep this big lie secret from being exposed. But if not convinced how nature works visit a Jewish survivor monument seen on TV have a big problem seeing cement cracking now held together temporal with metal straps like a band aid until more money is available to fix it. Or better to be convinced look at the old cement bridges in the countryside build 60 years ago, but radiation is very hot will accelerate the corrosion process.

Also seen recently on TV employing young ignorant 25 year old women needing the money only $25 an hour to risk their health volunteered in bunny suits diving in the pool storage of nuclear-rods to fix the cracking problem. But later mentioned offhandedly being unaware not told the danger they have big thyroid problems some already died from radiation, or still not convinced visit farmers in Russia and Japan and listen to their stories.

What is not mentioned on TV will soon be forced to make big headliners seeing the effects of radiated lethal ground-drinking-water being poisoned forever killing every LIVING-THING, even the girls in protective bunny-suits would not be save proven from absorbing deadly consequences never ever to be healthy again, get that! "Forever". That is not an act of God.

We all know even my little grandkids understand that once the Genie in Aladdin story is released, "it will never get back in the bottle". That is not a fairytale but trustworthy supported by government lies. To be better informed why not visit Russia and Japan which started the process of many eerie ghost towns and farms now empty void of all life never to hear babies crying again for 100,000 years the experts tell me! 

This generation must be the most evil; watch Gods Wrath - has not left town still around, but very angry. A corrupted society evil to the bone destroying totally globally the environment based on political correct thinking changed a 200 year old Constitution based on Christians value and law now morphed it to be "relative" most lawyers love it to make big profit. They are now eliminating globally the ancient bible rules no longer knowing the difference of good and evil, which used to be taught to every child.

What is put forward is not pie in the sky but based on true science not a fairytale should have gotten some comments from the establishment but no longer wonder why is it suppressed? I cannot phantom why Obama would once more increase uncontrolled deadly poison to cause future death for millions? He pledged that fatal radiating accidents will not happen in his administration and promised the government will watch somehow to contain nuclear radiation for 100,000 years?

I wonder will he be the president next year. Avoiding responsibility what happened to Japan and Russia quick to blame it on an act of God. People may not realize that God may no longer be around and left town with his bible no longer found in the classroom or on the desk of Judges forgotten and allowing evil heading for destruction. It is a risky business to get the attention and paddle against the stream of a godless corrupted society allowing such deadly nuclear evil in conflict with a 6000-year-old bible thrown out as being worthless.

It changed a society believing in false rigid opinions based on fairytales brainwashed in an atheistic unscientific evolution religion exclusively taught globally in most universities. Follow the laws of physics irrevocable will demonstrate the consequence either for good or evil should not be exchanged to be relative. What men sows, he will harvest fixed in the unalterable law of nature.

I hope my Babushka concept books will gain credibility. It will take some time to understand this totally new Donut Atom theory offending the sensibility of many who do not have the ability to think logically anymore on two levels. They willfully deny that physics blends with metaphysics. Start reading the First Chapter of Romans in the New Testament. The Apostle Paul wrote it 2000 years ago, and it is still around to widen horizons. 

As an inventor trained to think a little differently, I was chosen by God to point out God’s intentions and why an apocalypse was planned for our times. God is sending a warning once more to save our earth and stop uncontrolled high technology, which has reached the point of being capable of totally destroying his earth by making life globally extinct. He will therefore judge a world gone the wrong way before it is too late.

He appoints messengers to reveal his intent to counsel mankind to repent and reverse from corrupting even evil learned from Satan. We are to prepare for the birthing of a new Civilization creating a righteous society still based on the old laws God gave to know the difference of good and evil and no longer will allow "relativism" and force nations to act in accordance to GOD’S LAWS now living together in peace for a thousand years prophesied.

If the warning is ignored by the atheistic establishment, then Bible judgments will be repeated like Sodom and Gomorrah to confront us with the fact that God, the ELOHIM, sets boundaries. When mankind ignores the warnings and deviate from his plan is like going over the edge of a cliff, which finalizes the Apocalypse now experiencing God's Wrath ending our civilization.

Once more a big Jonah fish warning is dressed in high technology to get the attention of a modern world. These many UREE inventions were given by divine revelation. They have become the sign that God means business. The missing key is now revealed about how the universe is fueled with free energy for the benefit of mankind according to God’s purpose. Extracting energy is now redefined by forgotten entropy laws linked to gravity and anti-gravity forces that hold the universe together read my report how the universe is fueled and comes with a warning linked to UFOs in the UREE #16 B-Section and UREE # 17. (Pearls #220 & #200)

The Bible reveals how creation was fashioned from a 360⁰ science perception. To understand the invisible dimension, we only need to understand with an elevated MIND. I compare the elevated MIND to a dark room filled with hidden treasures that needs the light turned "on" to see what is there. The oldest book in the Bible says, (Job 38:15)

…the wicked, their light is withheld.

Scripture tells us that if we deny the existence of the creator who fashioned us, he just turns the light off in our mind. Applying logic, why should anyone see his hidden treasures while rejecting revealed plain truth? Again, Job 40:1 -

Shall a faultfinder contend with the Almighty?

In the letter to the Romans 2:21, we read:

For though they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their senseless minds were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools.

Therefore, if the light is not on, that person will never really understand the revealed Babushka egg concept books because revealed concepts belong to an elevated MIND with the lights "ON". Only then will they see more.  

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