Pearl #250 -

The Science-Metaphysic Kaleidoscope
Reveals Jonah's Big FISH


The Divine Court calls the Third Witness


5. Enoch Pyramid

When a civilization once more screwed up GMO and denied free energy, it will also suppress a forgotten ancient story. Our godless global atheistic system has rejected ancient wisdom and thrown out most of ELOHIM’s Bible wisdom instruction censored in every court and schoolroom. They replaced the ancient laws that made society survive for 6000 years by knowing the difference between what is good and evil.

It got replaced with relativism, guaranteed to make ELOHIM angrier the second time around. Perhaps, if you live to 2015-2017 now dated with science, you might witness from the sky God's WRATH.

Another asteroid will repeat God’s judgment to end our civilization. It will do the same to the modern world as when the ancient but hi-tech Atlantis civilization disappeared on 5 February 2287 BC, totally without a trace, destroyed by a bigger asteroid. The YouTube TV clip of the Russian asteroid splitting up in February 2013 gets you the idea postulated.

When EVIL is morphed into relativism, now taught to every child in kindergarten, and they no longer know the difference between Good and Evil and falls under the atheistic mind-control to accept the extinction of all LIFE on this earth. We will see a repeat of what happened in 2288 BC. Satan is well organized to the smallest detail repeating what worked so well before.

Predicting an Apocalypse using a kaleidoscope makes different pattern visible will widen a knowledge horizon. Most people will not recognize that our modern science we are so proud of pre-existed 4300 years ago. Mankind's prehistoric knowledge was far more advanced during the ancient Atlantis Civilization, which disappeared submerged in the Bay of Mexico caused by a huge asteroid fire from the sky like Sodom and Gomorrah, not 60 million fairy tale years ago as speculated by an atheistic evolution religion.

To get a new perspective of true science, you must look at all the evidence and not just pick what is politically correct at the moment. A powerful super wealthy priesthood has pushed their unscientific atheistic evolution theories for hundreds years, controlling most universities. If you are truly educated in science, you will readily recognize revealed modern mathematics in some special studies of the great pyramid in Gaza-Egypt. We could not do without physics, but more is needed from the metaphysics embedded in the Bible the oldest book of mankind.

Great Pyramid - interiorEnoch, the seventh generation from Adam, was the ancient architect-builder of the Great Pyramid in Gaza. It was constructed before Noah's time but also gave warnings to that generation of God’s WRATH. They had become totally evil in GMO, too.

Enoch was an exceptional math genius who embedded many cosmic secrets in his building design, which were only recently re-discovered. Buried in the makeup of his structure Enoch hid extraordinary mathematics and advanced physics rarely taught in universities any more. Modern education has forgotten the forbidden metaphysics now linked to my third Babushka egg concept book. That helped me to decipher the many ancient bronze gold clocks exhibited in museums still being suppressed.

The most important concept revealed by the study of pyramids around the world was the built-in physics mathematics that described the moving earth-tilt-angle. The only exception is the Methuselah-Enoch Gaza Pyramid built before 2288 BC. It does not match the earth axis wobble position of later designed pyramids.

Perhaps it predicts a future different degree of earth axis tilt forecasting the axis wobble projection of the upcoming asteroid impact. Most pyramids have math embedded that provides useful information in measuring historic time cycles on earth along a wobble declining calendar like the Mexico City outdoor museum has five (5) pyramids on top of each other measuring an axis wobble change.

The range is dated right after Noah in 2288 BC with an earth axis wobble declining very fast to Moses’ time at 1400 BC, which made it obvious. The Aztec priests were confused in comparing their calendar from before Enoch's time. They must have had a reason to build 5 pyramids on top of each other as the Moon Pyramid on the inside has (7) pyramids. Why? Before 2288 BC one solstice sun orbit had 52-year short cycles, the sun going up on the west-east reversing east-west seven times in one cycle.

Aztec calendarBut the nearby Teotihuacán Sun and Moon pyramid were built later on a lake. I noticed the apex is now less steep conforming to an earth backwards wobble measured against zodiac star position therefore designed the next pyramid with a more flattened apex indicating a double earth axis wobble angle at that time. They later made it stepped to save some money in adjusting to a small shift of the wobble angle.

The adjustment was made four times on the bottom footprint instead of building another one on top. That is seen on other pyramids measuring an axis wobble over just 100 years but a little steeper. Others, built 1500 years later, ended with 2x23½ degrees. Somewhere in this process, one priest got a better idea: pyramids are expensive, so he made a calendar using balls indicating wobble cycles declining.

In essence he invented an abacus. Some ancient ball calculators have bigger balls made from stones like a bowling ball exhibited in the Mexico City’s outdoor museum, piled up on a wall everybody could see. They were from far away but found nearby. I assembled the same calculator principle as an instrument maker in 1960 as a mechanical Bendix military ball-resolver for rockets. It had three turning output axes measuring automatically sine-cosine math equations needed for space travel. It could have been adapted perfectly to an Aztec calendar wobble system.

Check my third Babushka clock egg book to learn more about ancient history ending with prehistoric clocks never postulated before why is it still suppressed by the establishment. Study the Antikythera clock with 32 bronze gears over 2000 years old. It was fished out from the ocean 100 years ago and exhibited in Athens Greek museum collecting dust. It now is deciphered but still suppressed by the brain-dead scientists who cannot figure it out. It is not possible for them because they are being fooled by an evolution religion, so they remain perplexed seeing so many other stone-gold clocks in other museums, still a mystery to them.  

Tracing the Mexican Aztec civilization history from Noah's children, I started from Babylon via China, always moving toward east. Their path is littered with pyramids getting steeper. Many still are buried under jungle growth, but investigating pyramids globally surprised me. I even learned some exist in China along the same route, but only seen from satellites. Compare that on your paper-globe horizontal traveling across China floating down the main rivers to Shanghai being expert boat builders.

However, coming back to our Endtime scenario and examining the most ancient book, which is very unusual for us. The Bible can be proven as divinely inspired because it has the history of mankind written in advance, which can be traced backwards. Now pin down ancient Ezekiel's prophecy in the Bible. He revealed that the last pyramid build after 2018 AD is a Jewish Temple, now only a semi-cubic shaped structure. The last pyramid built on earth is rising from the Temple center surrounded like a city square Hilton donut hotel (Pearl #224 and Pearl #174).

Great PyyramidInvestigating the future earth axis tilt angle / wobble, I noticed that Ezekiel's last pyramid apex can be calculated from Scripture. Compare it with Enoch’s first pyramid apex, and the differences reveal a future calendar. That explains the mystery of the only apex exception now logically defined and becomes a third witness projecting an upcoming Bible Second Asteroid impact angle. This prophecy is made using Enoch's mathematics as defined with forbidden metaphysics.

Summed up, averaging various pyramid axis wobble positions provides useful information to calculate a future earth-axis wobble as prophesied if compared to Enoch-Ezekiel pyramid to determine the future earth axis wobble. A bigger tilt axis is important for climate change because the bible promises a little more tropical climate for the next 1000 years to have super thriving food-supply feeding 70 billion people.

Look at a map of the earth expanding across unpolluted areas like northern Siberia. Trace it horizontally to China across the Canada’s North Territory above 45⁰ to 60⁰ latitude opening new wide virgin agricultural zones with thousands of lakes but much warmer to grow food. Once more the ocean will be filled with fish, the Antarctic colder again and running rivers in the African desert opening the underground aquifers.

The Bible foretells that the hills in ISRAEL will be flowing with milk and honey once more. Plenty of water will be moved by tectonic dislocation opening Jerusalem to a wide valley to become a global world city, the capital of all nations. (Zechariah 14:1-11) Horrendous earthquakes will fulfill prophecy expanding the royal city the foot stool of Jesus Christ King of kings polarized around a global worship center with a raised temple area to a Sacred High Mountain set aside as an altar for Elohim’s footstool and set with a pyramid temple on top.

Underneath, the foundation becomes the source of several springs with healing power growing into a new huge river filling the salt sea now sweet water brimming with fish. Just read the many Bible predictions written history in advance make now much more sense overlaid with true science linked to studying the cause of the second asteroid.

Notice in every country. Just observe the many embedded, tilted up layers of broken mountain ranges and think a little in logic to trace the last effects of a historic asteroid impact 2287 BC only taught in Christian schools.

Finger of GodIt is Coming, One Way Another!

Since a second asteroid was prophesied in Daniel 2:34, I am not surprised to find it identified in a science magazine’s 2003-2006 front page picture of a rock 52 km in size in orbit around the sun. It was advertised as projected to hit our earth in 2020, now forgotten.

But a Russian scientist in the meantime recalculated its orbit around the sun postulating that if one side is heated more than the other, it will change its projected path. If we allow metaphysical pyramid calculations, then we can conclude that it will terminate our civilization. The date originally calculated of 2015 is perhaps delayed to 2017, like one more orbit. Still, it all matches a divinely inspired Jewish New Year date system and all the other Hebrew feast-fast holidays embedded in a celestial schedule.

Enoch's mathematics connect with science magazine projections, save for God's Grace. Remember Nineveh experienced Grace. The asteroid schedule could be modified from a projected 2015 end scenario to 2017. This is similar to the owner of the Titanic, who had rights over the pilot to run his ship according to schedule. But if the owner warns the pilot of an oncoming impact danger, and if the pilot is ignoring advanced warning, not put on alert, who will not prepare the crew and passengers?

For sure history will be repeated like Noah's relatives never made it to a closing door to be saved in the only boat available; therefore, they perished. Do not put your faith in stupid unscientific atheistic evolution religion. It is not proven with real science, and is in fact already has sunk like a Titanic with too many holes if you have the intelligence and watch YouTube exposing the many lies taught in universities. But if you are a professional, you cannot deny what was seen by honest scientists looking through a telescope. The atheistic science priesthood soft-peddle do not worry the asteroid no longer is visible, disappeared back into the cosmos. Was it to appease a scared public no longer hearing anything about it, business as usual, like denying free energy?

But not being ignorant of true physics while applying mathematics learned from Enoch's Pyramid still around could project a gravity calculation tracing a rock to follow its velocity projection still destined to hit the earth in 2020, which made big headlines in the first place to get our attention! But further investigating with true science reveals a sooner hit. Pay attention if you want to survive, or would you prefer to follow Noah's relatives to a nameless death?

Checking the Bible record, three civilizations were originally planned and destroyed by asteroids, which can be dated with an ancient Hebrew calendar schedule. But the timing could be modified by God's GRACE overriding a schedule. Being an off-beat inventor-scientist applying modern science and measuring the apex of pyramids designed with an impact axis wobble apex, perhaps I could re-calculate along a corrected Julius Caesar - Pope Gregory calendar axis wobble ending in 21 December 2012.

An asteroid is God’s method of divine Judgment. It is even recognized by a same-sex couples that know about a prehistoric Sodom and Gomorrah example conveniently suppressed linked to when a society degenerated and became grossly evil, will follow entropy laws. They will become more violent in causing the environment to disintegrate and put all future LIFE in danger of extinction. Demonstrating the same lifestyle in our time linked to corrupt governments that allow many evil scientists and corporations to pollute and screw up genetically our food supply heading toward extinction, gets the same divine reception once more - guaranteed.

The Atlantis civilization ended in God’s Judgment with the first asteroid plunging on 5 February 2287 BC to create Mexico Bay with continents drifting apart raising mountains 20,000 ft. high like in Chili and North America destroying an ancient civilization, their ruins now under water after polar ice melted.

Ignorant scientists brainwashed in an unscientific evolution religion postulate that this documented asteroid event happened 60 million fairy tale years ago. But they have no witnesses to prove it. They should read the oldest book of mankind, Job, instead. It described some survived aquatic dinosaurs or Jonah’s big fish 4000 years ago recorded in the Bible. A 200-ton whale is twice as big as the largest dinosaurs. Their study should include mystery bronze-gold clocks exhibited globally in many museums, now encoded to understand what the nature of time is.

Still following the pyramid trail linked to forbidden GMO, take just another turn of the kaleidoscope to give us notice why God once more planned to destroy our civilization, as in 2288 BC so in AD 2018. Next time around, the Apocalypse will be similar to the destruction of the Atlantis civilization, which became totally corrupt in Noah’s life, full of absolute evil including devastating GMO linked to LIFE extinction.

For the skeptic, to prove that GMO existed in ancient times requires an extra witness (+ONE) for my grandkid would finalize the case of ELOHIM. Why do we find so many paintings in museums of animal-human hybrids?

Look in your garden-nursery for a GMO mermaid fish-human figure, or visit the Great Pyramid in front a 150 ft. stone cat monument with a human head buried anciently in silted sand covered by a wobble axis flood.

The math of Enoch's Pyramid provides extra bonuses to reveal more. Does that make sense? Understanding that GMO verified even by the ancient civilization once more is connected to an asteroid apocalypse God’s WRATH? Atheistic scientists will deny anything reported in the Bible but logical tell me how big where the waves in Noah's flood?

I invite you to look up to the Gaza-Pyramid on top, notice a washed out break. Now measures from the polished cover plates visible for thousands of years to the bottom Sphinx footing. It is very obvious.  Everything is rough below where water pressure waves could have flushed off the outer massive cover veneer plate and buried a stone monument sphinx 150 ft deep.

Why do we see a high-technology man-animal gene modification applied during the Atlantis civilization demonstrated in a proud monument, which had advanced science, too? It could not have been done without electricity and computers as verified by many objects exhibited globally in museums and seen on many TV programs made by an atheistic National Geographic Magazine. If you want to know more, watch the many YouTube discoveries. It will surprise you: not all are fake deceptions sent from the atheist priesthood, pushing their unscientific evolution lies.

Enoch's pyramid embedded mathematics was linked to ancient clocks in museums now deciphered is just another witness. Clocks are designed to measure time. Ancient ones help to better analyzing future prophecy DATES. No wonder I was previously a little off when compared to a calendar earth axis "wobble". Now the earth axis is no longer moving in math exponential difficult to understand its logic if you are common educated. But since 2012, the axis stopped. It will get better data aligned. No one should quickly reject Bible projections to find the reason but should not forget investigate physics linked to the metaphysics applying logic if your Mind is still opened to it.

6. Apocalypse Dating Adjustments from a Metaphysical Perspective

Back to fine honing the dating of the Apocalypse, I turned my kaleidoscope again wondering what would be the effect on a global perspective if God's GRACE should it be extended further from the divine schedule?

If you ask me, I would not give Grace. Lucky for you, I am not divine. But look with open eyes at the evil GMO in a race to modify permanently all seeds and domestic animals for food to extinction. Or look at politics driving mankind by high technology to the very edge of a nuclear catastrophe.

Ignorant theologians still wait for the apocalypse, insisting that the Daniel’s seven-year prophecy is still future. Check out the statistics in science. Study the many signs of the Apocalypse Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24-25, now mostly fulfilled; however, where is the spark to blow up the powder-keg in ISRAEL, having passed the fearful 21 December 2012 date?

Keep watching NYC. The real 9/11 perpetrators want to rule globally. Like an omen, something will soon vaporize the big Islamic Satan to gain more power. I hope YouTube would be around to tell the real truth to the American people linked (Rev.18:6) for future generations destroyed from within by absolute evil.

It moved me to double-check the prophetic date schedule. Perhaps I missed something to find only God’s Grace could change a timetable, but I was still challenged to analyze some events not heard in church preaching a different scenario on Christian TV.

Following an old habit of mine of turning a stone to see what is under it, I discovered a gem linked to our changed historic Gregorian calendar. Many theologians wrongly quote a verse, and consequently they don’t know that our calendar needed to be corrected by (2) two years. Why is it odd dating Jesus birthday 2 BC?

Dating the First Jewish Temple destruction reference consequently was not 586 BC but 588 BC, according to ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited globally in many museums. Using that Bible-science information could delay God's WRATH prediction perhaps adding 2 years, too? I also applied it to Nineveh's generation that experienced God's Grace and lived a little longer. You are the judge of whether it makes sense.

I discovered too late, resembling what the prophet Isaiah experienced, that revealed truth comes in small portion here a little and there a little, and never all at once. It is too big for our mortal minds. (Isaiah 28:9-10) The concealed Hebrew math formula 7:5 ratio embedded in HANS can be applied once more to expand God's Plan for Mankind in a little investigating about God’s extension of divine Grace.

A few years ago discovered a Hebrew code HANS first explained in the Second Babushka books, Mystery of Tammuz 17 (page 319 - Chapter 7) describing Daniel’s obscured Prophecy Rosetta Stone [7:5 Ratio]. In a previous dating opinion, everybody expected that something unusual worldwide would happen on 21 December 2012. I thought it was time for Satan to be cast out to earth. (Rev. 12:9-12) It was a natural reflex but logical because the war in heaven is fought without a time dimension and difficult to date if you are mortal. Since Satan did not show up according to my scheduled opinion, Antichrist is still invisible and roaming the earth like before told in Job.

The Lord said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Satan answered the Lord...“From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking up and down on it.” (Job 1:7-8 NRSV).

Consequently, I concluded that Satan is not yet mortal. I learned we can only approximate some dating proceedings by comparing it to our earthly mortal clock events because we are living in a time dimension. The first indication starting the middle of the Apocalypse, which is the Chet or 8th Hebrew cycle, meaning corralled in / a new beginning and linked to a Chinese New Year of the Snake.

The Vatican announced German born Pope is resigning on February 28, 2013. It shocked everybody, but many see it as prophesied by Saint Malachy (1094-1148 AD) that a future #16 Benedict Pope will be the last before the world will end.

Now the corral Hebrew HANS doors are opened for a serpent to appear on the world stage symbolized in Satan. I am persuaded that the Antichrist will appear in 2013 in the same year. Benedict #16 was the last Christian Pope leaving a sinking boat as the next Pope is the true Benedict Shepherd coming back from heaven linked to the Hebrew number #17 but prophesied in the Bible Jesus Christ binding Satan in the abyss ending Satan's school of teaching us evil.

However, one more last counterfeit atheistic pope must appear being linked to Satan like so many in history. He will be adored by the secular world that he will promise to unite globally. All religions will come together in a global World for Peace Party Movement as the answer to worldwide unrest. He will preach that all religions must come together joining Islam and Christianity (Chrislam) to solve the ISRAEL conflict and to obsolete the many wars on earth. Watch out!

Read the Bible proclaiming this biggest deception. History will be repeated like Goebbels, a prophet politician during World War II who stirred up evil by announcing his National Socialist Party would last 1000 years. I remember it as a kid living in Germany.

Likewise the greatest deception Jesus said has arrived will be the most terrible time on earth when Satan really angry now cast out from heaven and knows little time is left to rule physical globally on earth. Now Hell will be visible transferred to our mortal domain. Watch massive demon-possessions affecting the class of privilege who benefitted from a free sponsored UN Visa Card prepaid with fiat money as the rest of a world population is starving run out of energy embroiled in wars as usually.

Only the elite will have food and credit to buy gasoline. The Bible warns us never have the Visa-Beast-number embedded in your right hand or forehead for easy identification to get rationed food and keep your job belonging to the class of privilege. This is mentioned in Revelation 14:9. The salvation destines one for eternal LIFE, but becomes impossible once sold to a Satan enforced global Peace Party system of privilege. Even lukewarm Christians when starving will be misled and sifted like wheat from tares, as God’s harvest has started.

Once more to make the middle of the Apocalypse a reality and to expand our vision, we need to apply the obscure HANS 7:5 ratio as a help in dating the final events of Satan appearing first in an assassinated body of a world leader. When an angel is cast out from heaven to earth it can only become visible if permitted to steal a dead body.

Satan will be resurrected in an assassinated world leader body to enter the Jewish Tabernacle Temple as a final act of rebellion against ELOHIM, proclaiming he is the divine SON, being resurrected as proof. Therefore, desecrate the ancient covenant holy symbols given to ISRAEL. The center-hub for the Endtime prophecy surfaced when the UN allowed a replica of a temporal tent tabernacle being built on the Jewish Temple Mount next to the Islamic Mosque.

Articulating a biblical appointment, we can attempt to mathematically date that major confrontation and conflict that will defile and violate the ancient Holy Place. I believe it is still possible to look ahead. But be careful. Our limited MIND perception can fool us, and we need to investigate more Bible history written in advance to align it with simple logic. You be the judge.

However, I am strongly convinced that the most major event linked to Satan is anchored firmly grounded in mathematics as too many witnesses merge like many spokes supporting a wheel all focus to a target center of 25 July 2015.

It is even dated from other systems matching HANS and measured from a corrected fixed Julius Caesar calendar with a 2012 perspective cross linked with Enoch Pyramid projections, the oldest information. (Check Pearl #224.) But the possibility of applying God's Grace could shift the main center event by one more asteroid orbit, which is the final Armageddon global war concluding the Second Civilization on a Hebrew holiday calendar schedule 17 September 2017.

Analyzing the APOCALYPSE dating system as adjusted from metaphysical discoveries, I find that many previous dates are still right on, but perhaps need the final Armageddon closing death event expanded by two years to be correlated with a newly discovered science perspective. Let's investigate once more the timing of the coming 52 km asteroid destined for GOD'S final WRATH.

Remember, I read in various science magazines published in 2003 and 2006 that announced on the front cover the possible strike of an incoming 52 km asteroid rock. It was on its way, orbiting around the sun in 825 days, as discovered and traced a little by the Hubble Telescope now forgotten. (Daniel 2:34)

An exponential curve is difficult to visualize looking against the sun’s profile. It is much too bright to see a small object, and we can only see it contrasted in the night-sky silhouette on the side. If astronomers have forgotten what was published years ago in science magazines, they could miss that rock, as it is only visible a few hours when passing between sun and earth. It could go either way and even hit the sun.

I believe that solar flares continually observed are really asteroids hitting the sun from the asteroid belt source as the sun is a much bigger magnetic attraction like the size of a hot air balloon compared to our cherry-size earth a tiny magnet. Only a horizontal rock projection is dangerous to earth with the likelihood to happen nearly zero having nine planet-shields in between and the moon protecting a special designed earth home for humans, unless caused by a Creator who invented the solar system.

Investigating science closer could open the horizon redefining false teaching in global universities. Since Galileo looked through a primitive telescope to prove his sun religion, the atheistic science establishment teaches contrary to the Bible viewpoint that the sun is fixed and all the other planets are moving around which is not correct. If the sun is fixed, we would not experience gravity on our body. Not understanding that made other science theories wrong, too. Please check:

A Russian scientist made a movie on YouTube showing a totally new concept, which was proved years ago in my theory and explained last year in my 9th UREE Babushka egg book. Namely, that Galileo was wrong to assume the sun is fixed.

Now based on a thousand photographs from space, which leads to an illusion all is stationary. I wrote Pearl #225 - Is Gravity Magnetic?, which explains a chain carousel. When seated, we feel gravity and compare it to our universe turning with the lights on in galaxies.

That same allusion we get seeing the asteroid belt and think that all those rocks and fragments are just motionless. But our satellites, obeying physics, must move; otherwise we could not have a photograph from space. Therefore, it is not possible on one side to trail an incoming asteroid in danger to collide with earth, but in looking at the asteroid belt I conclude that a billion possibilities exist.

On the other hand, if a moving sun is the leader in the pack with chasing planets, it will behave like a huge vacuum cleaner sucking in magnetically-gravity wise any oncoming asteroids on the way, which makes the earth the safest place in the universe being behind. That is consistent when you plan for LIFE to have a safe place in a hostile universe. Look through the telescope and explain why a shrinking time dimension is so dangerous in physics. Measure the energy exchange of an atom bomb will prove a theory?

When we use the 4th creation day perspective, the earth trailing behind the sun makes good sense, like driving behind very close to a truck shielding us from sand storm debris damaging the windshield. I postulated the daily explosions flare-outs visibly observed on the sun are impacting asteroids. Why not? Watch a rock hitting stationary pond. It creates a water spike, but a fluid surface sun moving would produce an arc magnetically returned as seen photographed.

By the way, that proves why my 16 UREE electric generators work. They could give us free ELECTRICITY from magnetic gravity expelled from the sun. A one-sided science-view based on Galileo's sun religion observing the planetary system should be re-examined after 400 years and compared to our modern technology to get another look.

An unscientific 150-year-old evolution theory should be discarded when it is in conflict with physics. Never mind the metaphysics, only understood when your MIND is not brainwashed by the establishment when it comes to scientific evidence established by experiment and careful observation.  

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