Pearl #165 -

A Time Dimension:
The First Genesis Creation Act

(+∞C /–∞C)² = E∞/m


Parabolas of Time

E∞ Proof?

You will not find the above parabolic curve presented in any university. Its discovery was a turning point in my search to explain the origin of the universe and its relationship to time. The answers I found also explain why we live on this planet – the only place in the universe where life as we know it exists.

On TV I see beautiful colored pictures of galaxies far-out in the universe. It makes me sad that modern high-tech society has become so ignorant of its origin in such a short time.

It is now a crime to educate our children in a 6,000-year old history of mankind that describes scientifically the very process of how the universe got started. This truth has been replaced with unscientific fairytales of many irrational opinions not based on science. Therefore, modern science and society cannot answer the questions of why humans exist (meaning and purpose) and why life is only found on earth (the universe seems infinite). If you are intellectually inclined, then you would question how the universe got started, by what force a single atom appeared and multiplied. I will answer these questions scientifically from what I found in the Bible.

Schoolbooks tell a genesis story that something started from nothing. It exploded from nowhere in a Big-Bang. That notion is technically reinforced with beautifully embellished graphic photographs of the universe from the Hubble telescope.

Most people have forgotten that Georges LeMaitre, who was both a physicist and Roman Catholic priest, first proposed the Big Bang theory. LeMaitre's idea was scoffed at first, and in fact the term "Big Bang" was a derisive term coined by atheist Fred Hoyle. Hoyle despised the idea that the universe could have a transcendent beginning. Einstein likewise initially resisted the idea that the universe was not eternal, putting a fudge factor in his equations and later regretting his mistake.

The Big Bang theory says that both time and space begin at a single microscopic point some 13.7 billion years ago. Since then, the universe is expanding and cooling, and time moves in one, and only one, direction. Thus, the very first verse of the Bible matches the Big Bang exactly. In fact, only in the last 20 years or so has the Biblical cosmology been confirmed by modern science. The universal acceptance that our origin started from nothing is stated anciently in the Bible – mankind’s oldest book.

But any research into the origins of the universe and life on earth must be balanced with logic and must conform to entropy laws, which are the foundation in physics in order to be acceptable in any scientific inquiry. To pick and choose only certain laws of physics and exchange facts with unproven theories enforced by an atheistic evolution religion will not be satisfying for me.

I apply the laws of physics to a biblical perspective that does not make it into a religion, which for some atheistic authority is a problem in conflict with their evolution religion. Please keep an open mind to some unusual concepts not allowed in universities. You may discover something new in science as I did. It is meant not to criticize but to widen horizons.

The First Law of Entropy basically teaches “nothing” can only produce or replicate itself into “nothing” - never over 100%. But if we add intelligence to the nothing it will reproduce into “something” = 100%.

I compare intelligence to an Intel chip or Microsoft code which adds value to your laptop computer or operates the robots on many assembly lines to control the thousands physical components put together with many screws to make it work 100%. Whatever has some decision function and became something must have embedded intelligence or revert to nothing - junk.

Most scientists do not know that inside every atom is implanted complex intelligence and works like your computer which is able to communicate with others only under certain very selective conditioning like connected to the Internet.

For example, in the chemical science department think of the Hydrogen-boys wants to have a party with the Oxygen-girls needs only a spark in that encounter to explode with hot lights flashing Knall-gas energy released ending with cold water H²O. It is the greatest miracle substance ever designed for life.

That is what happened in Noah’s time (2288 BC) when an asteroid spark ignited the enriched atmosphere and caused a big water party as it rained 40 days an ancient environment collapsing when the residual leftover H-boys from the original formation of oceans free floating in the upper region discovered the beautiful O-girls born below raised by a saturated bio-world growing cells faster in     ∞ light. That must have been a small scale repeat of the Big Bang process and presupposes that the something to manifest in an explosion or implosion must have intelligence for direction.

The first Big Bang party decided to eliminate the implosion route, why? Because one party energy exchange happened in the Heh dimension the other in the Daleth dimension directed by predetermined build-in invisible specialized intelligence force governing each dimension.

The Second Law of Entropy only works if the “nothing” became “something” which has now added intelligence but can only evolve into a downhill time curve less than 100%. That is a paradox: intelligence is added like something over 100% that crystallizes but shrinks to become Gestalt now subject to the Second Law giving birth to a time dimension ending in Taw to become less. It is a built in death cycle, just like a baby born only to die later. That is why the Bible documents a solution and needs the Jod dimension a new heaven and earth promised, another dimension. Check out the diagram.

If you wondered and wanted to define a nothing, science categorized over 32 fractured smashed atoms particles from the cyclotrons or linear accelerators (SLAG) which are broken junk particles with the intelligence spliced out having lost their identity and so became totally useless, no longer spooning with other fractured atoms. Only intelligence can make it into something again.

Your laptop computer is a good model for a single atom. If you want to find out how your computer works, do not use the sledgehammer to see how inside works? That is what science does today building mega billion dollar cyclotrons smashing atoms to find out how the atom brain works. I think it has nothing to do with investigating science but is a means to make big salaries and billion dollar bonuses now printed from thin air. That is not a fairytale.

The Second Law of Entropy initiates another mystery force now activated we call the time dimension. When a car (the something with intelligence) speeds up or slows down, it is defined in physics as “Time” - expanding or contracting two directions. Your car speeded up results in that time is reduced getting home sooner.

The Big Bang theory must therefore demonstrate how the nothing became something and must include time, proven now with physics. Our school books have tons of unscientific opinions taught as facts which will in the this generation spawn brainwashed students believing in fairytales no longer following entropy laws in physics forced to believe in an atheistic evolution religion exclusively taught in every school. I prefer including the Bible in order to be educated in true science.

Light Speed - 186,000 miles/second?

When science postulates billions of years for the Big Bang, they use a yardstick the speed of light and assumed that it was always constant and goes straight.

But light compared to entropy must comply with physics and be controlled by added intelligence to become mathematically a unit of something now has two possibilities too because of two entropy laws. Science can only measure light on the second entropy law level 186,000 miles/second coming from the sun.

Einstein calculated that light slows down around gravity fields and could also speed up as seen in galaxies. Therefore, a constant light speed is only measured on earth in our time, but nobody knows how fast light was in BC/AD or in distant galaxies?

Scientists do not even know ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in many museums telling us that the earth had an active wobble to measure time differently and came finally to rest 2012 AD, which would change a time dimension.

But in mathematics we can use the first law of entropy for light to be “infinite” ∞C impossible to measure with our instruments. However when the first law of entropy gives birth to the Second Law it is resulting and presupposes a time factor we all recognize in that exchange and becomes therefore proof that infinite light exist with an embedded domino effect causing a time dimension to appear we mortal all experience it.

Remember when the something is born by added intelligence will always give birth of a time dimension. Everyone intuitively knows what time is because we are all mortal. Time is only activated by the conversion of “infinite” ∞C light into the Second Law of Entropy and will change to less then 100% now measured 186,000 miles/second as the sun energy is stepping down from a higher level to a lower atomic energy exchange and will therefore burn out in the future were time is zero -Taw no longer converting gravity, magnetism, friction and many other forces we recognize in physics creating controversy in university atheistic establishment. It seems that only the Bible has a better answer.

Light Not Going Straight?

Then light going straight idea is another wrong opinion, simple splice the light in seven rainbow colors with a prism and notice one side blue 4000 angstroms the other red 7000 angstroms. That would give it an internal invisible twist like your car has a front wheel not aligned will turn into a big circle. That we see in beautiful galaxies now seen on TV all showing light going around and around forming mass next explained.

A red shift theory therefore is a fairytale needs to play around with a prism to understand when light is expanding even to infinite could shock comatose scientist from their complacency.

I believe the Bible informs us much better and tells me that God is infinite light therefore it exists now explained in a mathematic model another science viewpoint to widen our horizon. There are many forces in physics and have no instrument to measure it but could apply mathematics and using intelligence called reason can be a helpful tool defining the invisible.

Much in nature we cannot measure with our instruments how about your life and the spirit in us or being born again a mystery intelligence added will make you something over 100% a Saint precious in God’s sight destined for the Jod dimension to live forever. A time dimension does not exist if it is surrounded with infinite light ∞C² and needs the Second Law of Entropy to become visible proven in mathematics.

When an energy conversion happened along the Second Law of entropy, a time dimension appears. I discovered that time mathematically can be expressed by Einstein C² or could be expanded to the second entropy law level (+∞C/–∞C)².

To build an atomic bomb defined by Einstein’s formula is based on energy released without a build-in intelligence going uncontrolled very fast, but compared to the same nuclear energy exchange watching the sun shows us that it is controlled by embedded intelligence. It is similar a massive infinite gravity force holding galaxies together also controls my cuckoo clock but disburses gravity a little slower with a reduced force, a very good sun model.

The sun is a horrendous nuclear furnace energy converter like billions of atomic bombs and is shining for mankind since 6000 years. Why has the sun not yet exploded like a nuclear bomb according to Einstein formula E=m(C)²? Because the sun was designed with that added embedded intelligence like a pendulum in my cuckoo clock, a gift from God given to mankind, which reduced the infinite energy (∞C) to a little slower speed perfectly matched to a biological world growing food for mortals.

Einstein’s energy release happens without intelligence (C²), which is too fast for growing food. Therefore, the sun is an ingenious invention works like a transformer one side billions of gravity volts ∞C² the other 110 volts (+∞C/–∞C)² reducing energy according to the second entropy laws. However that would also cause a time dimension to appear and must therefore be the first creation act before anything existed now better defined.

I will prove that a time dimension came after the Big Bang now dated to 4488 BC but must include intelligence to have something over 100% to act on. When we see a ∞ sign before or after the math equation, it means intelligence is still around to be useful.

That would explain why Einstein did not use the infinite sign only C² because we have not discovered yet how intelligence is embedded inside every uranium atom could explode a bomb a little slower. That would be of great benefit for mankind to produce cheaper energy. But if we ever discover how the atom intelligence works that would be the end of our earth controlled by an atheistic government watch the apocalypse now dated. Noah’s high-tech generation totally corrupt and evil screwed up genetically everything; therefore, the Atlantis civilization perished. God set up and enforced boundaries puny man will not cross: a warning for our civilization!

(+∞C/–∞C)² = E∞/m

The expression of “Time” is a stranger to science not defined yet was only created to exist for mortals and has absolute no other meaning looking at nature or the universe. It begins at conception for mortals but from a science perspective let’s find out how it relates to eternity our destiny in an expanded story. The strange Time diagram concept above was extracted from ancient bronze-gold clocks recently deciphered and may be a problem for many professional scientists not yet informed that our earth tilt axis just now came to rest 2012 from an exponential slowing down wobble. That could also be the reason for an unexplainable climate change.

The last angular procession axis change for our earth, one day across 400 years, was measured years ago and should be measured again, if you want to understand climate change. A parabolic time dimension is connected to our earthly life from birth to getting old and moving relentlessly toward the end of all existence, as I compare mankind’s journey to a railroad line with 14 stations.

Asteroid EntryOur population on earth is ever increasing with declining resources points to a climax similar to the big bang. Mankind has arrived at the 13th station of the Apocalypse 2008-2015 one more station to go and Bible prophecy aided with science projected our civilization to end[28 September 2015.

Take that seriously: it is your life. I will not have egg on my face. Daniel (518 BC) questioned the timing of his prophecy not understanding it fully and was told that when the time has arrived for his prophecy to be completed, some would become wise and understand the Plan for Mankind linked to the whole creation groaning and longing for its redemption, the Saints. (Daniel 12:10)

Being an inventor, I think a lot about nature and what the time dimension really is. Time is not even fully comprehended in science, and the more I think about the nature of time, the more I realize that I have not fully comprehended it either. The consequences of my new model just keep expanding in bigger circles, like waves created throwing a stone in a pond. Investigating a strange parabolic time dimension in physics is not easy, as nobody clearly has defined it yet. Our body ages in a downhill curve explained in physics. My new Donut Atom theory demonstrated an internal atomic energy exchange in every atom linked to laws with an embedded time factor established by Sir Isaac Newton.

Everything that exists is racing toward obsolescence. It is even seen in pictures of galaxies - a paradox of an expanding and then contracting universe connected by a time dimension. An infinite (+/-∞) light-time downhill curve must have a cause, so I researched it by looking at the Bible as a source for answers. It has recorded an extraordinary big bang event that must have happened in predawn history before a time dimension existed because an infinite universe can exist without it, as some pictures from space prove it.

Looking closer at nature, it always ends up observed that everything we investigate has embedded a strange force we call in science a time dimension, which is going downhill parabolic diminishing toward Taw (-∞). Therefore, I ask why does it exist? Why do we dream to live forever? Such a paradox!

Do clocks exist in heaven to verify what we have done linked to the White Throne on the end of time? The Bible gives us the answer why a time dimension started as embedded in all the laws of physics, or check out pictures of galaxies pointing to the metaphysical Heh dimension.

God tells us that, previously, the heavenly cosmic creation in the Heh dimension was in an expanding mode without a time dimension. Then from nowhere, there started a horrendous rebellion instigated by Lucifer, the light bearer of the highest celestial government. Ancient bronze-gold clocks recently deciphered and dated that event to 4488 BC. That stopped the cosmic train of the universe from any further expansion due to the war in heaven, which has not ended yet. Satan (formerly Lucifer) and his rebellious bunch of angels opposed the establishment.

God acted immediately and expelled the rebellious angels from his government and made preparation for replacement, which became the Plan for Mankind. This time He designed a different life form unlike cloned immortal angels. Human beings are born to become immortal in an expanded two stage system like a caterpillar - (cocoon) - butterfly in nature. Prior to being born into immortality (butterfly) people must be inoculated during the mortal caterpillar stage with a good dose of evil to become immune to rebellion and corruption. Death - the cocoon – divides these stages.

That system is even indicated on most tombstones, which record two birth dates - one for the Daleth the other Heh dimension. I capture graphically what each life will be in a Time Dimension table at the beginning of this paper. It shows two parabolic time directions where our lifeboat will end at the time our tombstone BC/AD crossover cocoon will be embossed with two dates past and future.

It is like a laptop computer where all flexible information will become permanent by shutting off everything and turn on again now made permanent all past information can no longer be changed. The new design feature when the human computer resurrected is turned on again with improved features God wanted by embedding permanently a new immune system to detect evil to snuff it out in the bud, which will forever prevent another rebellion in the universe again.

However, implementing that system was not cheap and cost a lot, as the Logos emerging from within God creating an earth decided to be born and die not changing the mortal Daleth dimension system, rather join to feel the pain, growing up very poor, despised, forsaken by his friends executed on the cross to experience worse case what mankind is subjected too, check out history. Even the eternal Logos computer needed to be shut down for three days to make the resurrection principle permanent.

These events designed for mortals centered on a time dimension previously embedded in every atom causing the big bang universe. Being dual in nature, explained later, it was interrupted and divided into half at BC/AD when the invisible, God decided to become visible on the mortal Daleth dimension stage, which portrayed better what a time dimension really is for scientists.

Jesus is now introducing God’s Plan for Mankind, and I compare it with a railroad schedule: it is framed from Point A to point B and in between everything runs like gears in a cuckoo clock turns around and around. Reaching the 12 o’clock position, everybody will notice a cuckoo bird invented in the black forest. The bird will tell you the Endtime to start a new cycle over.

As you will have noticed our world is in turmoil and all prophesied events have now arrived on the 13th station as the Apocalypse has started check out various New Research Pearls. But watch the cuckoo bird 2012 AD.

Most people are unaware that the time dimension has embedded station which can be dated combining Bible knowledge with science many theologians are not familiar still steeped in Middle Age controversies caused by denominational confusions. Many Christians mostly blinded by falsely applying one verse of the Bible “No one Knows the Time” makes them comatose to the timing of the Apocalypse and should have been educated in God’s Plan for Mankind. But ignoring and avoiding the many warning signs may not survive God’s Wrath being unprepared. Jesus said that the Apocalypse will arrive suddenly like in Noah’s day.

No wonder a lot of people do not know about history, being only educated in an atheistic university system controlled by a powerful minority priesthood that permits only their atheistic evolution religion to be taught. They will not permit other science viewpoints to be discussed in open forum, rejecting the Bible a 6,000-year old history book. Therefore, this generation became ignorant and chooses a path of evil with fearful prospect now capable of totally destroying all life on earth.

Only God can save mankind from total destruction prophesied to end in God’s Wrath now dated. If you join the Daniel’s Wise Club (Daniel 12:10), you could become better educated and possible survive God’s Wrath.

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of those who by their wickedness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.

Ever since the creation of the world his eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things he has made. So they are without excuse; for though they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their senseless minds were darkened.

Claiming to be wise, they became fools; and they exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling a mortal human being or birds or four-footed animals or reptiles. (Romans 1:18-23 NRSV)

An unscientific evolution fairytale sequence [reptiles-bird-four footed animals] described in the Bible is now taught in every school as fact. That scientifically impossible modern monkey folktale is usually painted on every science building wall, not having the fossil proof and not conforming to entropy laws. It needs only a painter’s imaginations and paint. This is similar in Galileo’s time when a powerful religious priesthood controlled the education department. They forbad Galileo’s “strange” concepts of earth and heaven that conflicted with the establishment. It will take some time to crystallize out these new discoveries, too.

Babushka concept books on the other hand evolved by inspiration studying specific Bible verses and linked it to science a technique never done before and therefore rejected by the evolution religion priesthood. But nevertheless it answers many science mysteries never preached in church or the halls of higher learning. If you want to have an intellectual challenge to understand more about the relationship of physics linked to the metaphysical needs a good attitude in logical thinking not an easy task for the average person educated in an atheistic evolution religion.

A little Bible familiarity is necessary as it is the foundations of all our collective knowledge accumulated and recorded for us by dedicated scribes for 4000 years who cared for the next generation. We are living at the very end of our civilization according to the Bible as our society has become thoroughly atheistic and closed many science books in every university no longer understanding how nature came into existence having totally expunged the Bible from every classroom. We have collectively forgotten how the universes and us got started denied that there is a creator and now believe on unscientific fairytales ignoring the creator and replaced him with a monkey story.

Defining the Time Dimension

HourglassThe new formula (+∞C/–∞C)²=E∞/m) is really extraordinary and needs a few minutes to contemplate it’s ramification. Think, we are so used to our present time dimension 24 hours a day getting up in the morning and back to bed in an unending cycle, but that cycle is determined by our earth axis 23.5° spinning and going around on a yearly 265.24 days solstice orbit rotation around the sun. That was not always so in ancient times.

However when we link the Bible history of mankind to science I discovered and enciphered the many bronze-gold clocks exhibited in many museums, one even with 32 gears a famous Antikythera in Athens telling us that the earth in ancient times had a wobble before 100 BC caused in Noah’s time 2287 BC by an asteroid.

That could change our habit to get up and going to bed in a different time interval. If you want to find out how it would affect physics just ask any scientist explain to me those clocks or tell me why the IPS Platinum Kilogram Standard in Paris vault and the 40 sisters globally have become obese. It is still a great puzzle for many professors why the Standard Kilogram Weight has changed messing up all the laws of Newton postulating gravity and dozens more. That causes a schlamazel in the atheistic evolution religion camp forced to obsolete many school books if they are honest, but I doubt it, too much money floating around.

Schoolbooks contain many fairytales no longer following true science and will not matter anymore adding a few more unproven opinions from the atheistic establishment, as our kids’ schoolteachers won’t know the difference. The exponential time dimension has atrocious ramification would challenge a big bang theory invented 100 years ago. The speed of light was discovered recently not constant either bending around a gravity field if you check out Dr. Einstein, or look through the Hubble telescope pictures seeing a paradox of an expanding–contracting universe dressed up in dozens pet theories manipulated to match atheistic evolution opinions without proof.

But let’s check out the biblical science information when infinite light energy is divided like a transformer to lower energy levels inside every atom it creates mass. It is recognized in spectral lines in a narrow bandwidth of the visible light or demonstrated in reverse by an atomic bomb with a spliced out nuclear intelligence.

When Uranium oxide 238 filtered out an unstable enriched Uranium 235 combined with a catalyst like Plutonium massive energy is released very fast no longer controlled with intelligence. In nature we see a more balanced conversions of discharged energy a little slower all controlled by an embedded intelligence even noticed in the smallest nuclear atom exchange conversion established in the Chemical–DNA-Bio Department.

That is not yet recognized by scientist only interested in more money rather science as they built bigger cyclotrons in Switzerland and France to smash atoms with more power disguised as a modern moneymaking machine.

Scientists do not know that inside an atom nucleus is embedded a strange parabolic time dimension activated and manifested when invisible infinite energy is slowed down by gravity from space inside the atom nucleus will condense forming mass. But while it forms it could happens very fast in seconds like an atomic bomb or slowed to a hundred years like rusting iron the same process.

The conversion is the same but the controlling force must be intelligence embedded in a parabolic time dimension that directs the equation of any energy conversion. Check it out the different nuclear power stations designed around various processes used to split the atom. Each one also has installed the same most important instrument - an expensive clock that measures time to a fraction of a second.

If you do not watch that clock, you have a repeat like Chernobyl-Russia. This principle can be transferred studying our sun. I wonder why it does not blow up like an atomic bomb? It is subject to the same laws of atomic nuclear reaction. The sun, however, burns nuclear energy in a very controlled manner. It must have a built-in intelligence clock since, over our 6,000 years of human history, it has not yet exploded. It conforms to an energy conversion sequence of spooning atoms embedded and linked by God the Creator to a time dimension, which is the same force controlling my cuckoo clock. On galactic scale, gravity is a gigantic force that holds the cosmos together, but it also scales down to miniature chunks of energy to run my cuckoo clock a little slower.

Check out anything else on earth. It is subject to a time dimension. That mystery will take some time for scientist to understand but in this paper want to define it a little more from the Bible perspective as it is the fundament for all our existence. Even many fairytales depend on it like the Big Bang must have happened very fast but the underlying substance to explode is unknown, how it got there to explode depends on more fairytales opinion fueled with more money the only motivator for mortals.

If we do not understand the blueprint of our existence, we will not understand the house we live in.

To understand the concept of time is really a problem for scientists, as we have no yards stick to measure it. Science assumes that light is and always was constant; therefore they postulate the speed of light 186,000 miles a second needs 20 billion light years to travel to the next galaxy. That assumes a lot as time without the light equation ignoring teeter-totter physics relationship. If you speed up your car then time is shorter.

Light either slows down, as proven by Einstein, or speeds up to change time. Infinite light consequently is zero time, consistent that, in the Heh dimension-heaven, time does not exist around God. The Bible says God is infinite light; therefore, He is invisible to our eyes without a time dimension expressed perfectly with math-science in the teeter-totter energy-time equation.

Zero E = ∞ Time
∞ E = Zero Time

The Big Bang fairytale postulates that something happened 13.7 billion years ago that we cannot define. We need atoms to describe what we see in the visible spectrum of our eyes.

Where did the first atoms come from bathed in Kelvin cold to produce the big bang responding to a very narrow frequency range of our eyes of seven rainbow colors embedded with spectral lines the sum total all the elements we recognize also floating in space? The Periodic Table of Elements is all we see.

Ancient SkeletonsBut if we could measure 13.7 billion years with an infinite light scale then the billion-year time scale in the teeter-totter law even a child can understand would be very, very short. Ancient calendar clocks exhibited in many museums can give us a historic perspective what a time scale for mortals would be. Unfortunately scientist to not know what those clocks measure but now enciphered link to the Genesis Bible creation story now dated at 4488 BC.

That date can be proven mathematically with a teeter-totter light speed-time-dimension model and could calculate how fast was the light when God created the beginnings for mortals to witness within a 6,500-year range for the math equation. In science we notice bigger cell size in fossil bones and higher oxygen content measured in ancient amber bubbles that should guide us. Next you will see some bones which are facts but needs some intelligence to sort it out.

Originally, God gave humans a vast capacity for rational intelligence. Unfortunately, we only use 5% of our brain capability in a lifetime. Using more would change our IQ. That could be the reason why we are easily misled to believe a stupid unscientific evolution religion invented 100 years ago.

Fossil MuseumAtheistic religion does not allow logical thinking anymore. As proof, I remember a high school teacher fired from his job who was interviewed on Larry King in 2008. You will not graduate from university saying that the evolution religion is unscientific. Neither students nor professors are allowed to challenge the many “facts” that are not truly facts.

The pictures shown here of human skeletons are not a fake like the Lucy monkey fraud painted on many museum walls for comatose scientists. They demonstrate that the light speed was higher in ancient times as we have many proofs checking out fossil bones with bigger cell structures. Resin from bigger prehistoric trees tells us in amber air bubbles that the Oxygen fuel was twice as much as measured today.

Having more fuel available with a higher speed of light according to physics would grow a bigger and faster bio environment proven buried in geology and oil deposits or growing veggies in a green house extending light.

Read my Babushka books for more information explaining the relationships of light to a time dimension in ancient times which will explain why dinosaurs and humans are bigger with larger cell structures then we have on earth today. This essay will only splice out a little from the Bible to be better informed what a time dimension really is.

Investigating what the Bible has to say was fun for me let’s begin in Genesis where the universe is started with a time dimension not first with a big bang postulated. It was the first creation act perfectly demonstrating true science. The oldest book on earth Genesis starts with a very short preface loaded with science:

In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and Earth (Genesis 1:1)

In the very first two verses of the Bible, we are given the shortest mini-story of the whole creation plan. It starts with God the Alpha (+One force) in the beginning and ends with his divine spirit (the Logos) floating over the creation closing the circle with so many second entropy laws surrounding. What came about later is described in seven cycles.

We can picture it like the Big Bang illustrated in schoolbooks starting from a nucleus center radiating out, expanding into a universe. This huge concept is even replicated in a simple Donut Atom. However, invisible, embedded intelligence is revealed to mankind the blueprint of God’s Plan for Mankind designed with purpose and giving birth to a time dimension. From the physical science perspective we are introduced first with the two entropy laws of thermodynamics - the foundation of all existence which are expressed in physics with two polarities embedded but acting out in a teeter-totter consequences.

The primary side of the thermo-dynamic energy side is like the horse and carriage analogy also embedded in ever atom which must have intelligence to control the energy by moving the carriage designed with purpose for the enjoyment of future people or carry some heavy baggage a lesser reason. Without intelligence the released energy does not know where to go, as the horse is basically stupid and needs a superior intelligence guiding the horse if you postulate a Big Bang baggage inside the carriage.

The Big Bang needed some extra instruction not explained in science but was given to us from God 4000 years ago expressed in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) philosophy not even known by theologians basically are ignorant should have investigated reading the Bible from a Hebrew mindset perspective. It defines the invisible (spiritual) side of creation explaining the intelligence, which drives and energizes everything in creation in a controlled manner.

Anything that exists is dual and must have imbedded intelligence to give it Gestalt or existence either invisible or visible, in form of energy frequency and who knows what force exists not discovered yet, but all needs intelligence to make it into something. Again, it goes back previously stated summed up the whole mini-story of creation defined in the first two Bible verses:

First Law of Entropy “nothing” can only produce or replicate itself into “nothing” - never over 100%. But if we add intelligence to the nothing it will reproduce into “something” =100%.

Intelligence is the primary side of creation and controls the many cascading teeter-totter entropy relationships explained with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) defined in Babushka books. It teaches about nature’s duality observed in physics the invisible Heh-spirit-heaven dimension and Daleth-physical-earth dimension. You may have your own definition of heaven, but we can agree what earth is. 

Between those two polarities notice a big gap exists as it now focuses next on sequences of science events subsequently described before with a big bang. But before we even attempt to understand the next verse we need to pay attention to the first opening statement not that simple.

Sandwiched between the Heh-heaven dimension linked to a Daleth-earth dimension is a force embedded invisible implanted in every atom. Galaxies or our earth are made of atoms which must have had a beginning as there was nothing before and anything else came later cannot exist without a potential we call “time dimension” linked to the (+One) Alpha force energy.

It governs everything what is our world, expressed in the Hebrew letter Daleth dual in the structure “In this world-in this time” two forces of creation we cannot escape. I collected many mystery pearls dug up from the Bible Ocean lined up in my box which will widen our horizon of the Heh-Daleth dimension to give more understanding of the first verse given us by God as he expects us to dig deeper and join the wise Club mentioned in Daniel 12.

First Day Cycle (Genesis 1:3)

The laws of physics are the most important pillars supporting the foundation of science, and the two entropy laws of thermodynamic energy conversion sum up the laws of physics. Today, they are hardly mentioned anymore in schools because they are contrary to and denied by an obsolete evolution religion, which postulates that species can evolve from nothing and denies the embedded intelligence found throughout the universe.

Sadly, this denial of physics universal presence has helped to change a successful society into a fundamentally ignorant culture forced to believe in fairytales not proven with facts. We have lost the elementary ways of how to argue and think logically by preventing open discussion.

If you mention humanity’s 4,000-year old history book, you are branded religious as only atheistic opinions are permitted no matter how false and illogical. These evolution fairytales are sold to gullible students who have no choice and need to graduate. Scholl costs a lot of money, so they do not argue with brain-dead professors only interested in high salaries. For those in the middle, allow me to express some ideas following the trail of entropy understanding of the creation act found in the Bible’s very first verses.

For anything to exist, it must first have embedded intelligence. I do not care what item you pick up in the supermarket: physical laws controlled and invented by intelligence govern it. Permit me to use you as an example as you know very well there is a spirit in you controlled by intelligence named “mind.”

The mind can only express itself by embedded second entropy action guided by a teeter-totter principle balanced by cause and effect. It ends and finalizes every action the intelligence decided either for good or evil. Then what you decided becomes the second law of entropy and can be measured or recorded with our instruments like a reaction, which needed a cause - your mind as the first entropy. Look around and observe that in nature everything is dually explained much better in the Bible.

Hopefully, we can now better understand the first verse of the Bible, which starts with the first Hebrew letter Beth (create). Beth also means “two” indicating the duality demonstrating the two laws of entropy as the basis for everything.

The next word is infinite God. Therefore, God is represented in physics as the first entropy principle of energy conversion - the beginning of everything that cannot be measured, like your mind-intelligence. But, it can be recognized within the second entropy law by the environmental appearing of the infinite light recorded as the Alpha (+One) force expressed in the second word of the Bible.

Why is God stated as the second word?  God owes no one an explanation why he exists, but he chooses to reveal his intent. Like in any business meeting, the president sits down and with no introduction starts the meeting outlining his purpose. In one short headline, he reveals a business plan very detailed embedded with a schedule. He appointed a secretary to record for future generation. Writing about the mechanical implementation of God’s plan is the subject of this paper. Though not taught in schools, there is much more buried in the first two verses of God’s oracles.

The Alpha (One) force is concretely reactive. It is not a phantom concept for a theory. It immediately activates the next circle of entropy laws cascading from it in multiple layers replicated getting smaller in various energy potentials - all duplicating the same embedded intelligence subject to the teeter-totter principle always ending in the second law of entropy. Thereafter, it will crystallize out or condense many atoms into a universe eventually ending forming planets like our earth that can be investigated and defined in physics.

The bases of all entropy compositions are always dual in nature, either linked to the Heh dimension by neutrinos or by protons in the Daleth dimension within a nuclear Donut Atom design. It is further duplicated on the spiritual side linked to the conscientiousness dimension or mind.  

Entropy manifests itself in the expression of the good or evil we are well acquainted with. But the mind needs the overriding control of embedded intelligence to become the cause followed by reaction according to the law of physics. Sin and failures have eternal consequences as the energy came from the other (Heh) side with the eternal God’s Breath closing the circle.  

Re-stated: when the infinite energy Alpha (+One) force ( That force can be expressed in math [א0 = א1 + א2? + א3 + א4 + א5]in .) a titter-totter fashion crystallizes out in the second law, it converts into infinite invisible light ∞E energy according to the Second Law of Entropy. That light mentioned in the third Bible verse is not God: it is energy brought forth by his Word, the Logos, explained later.

Once the energy is released, it continues and gives birth on the other side as gravity according the teeter-totter directives controlled by intelligence. Without that mystery gravity force, there would be no Big Bang possible. In the teeter-totter law, gravity energy increases if light slows down as seen when a galaxy’s light disappears inside a black hole, which is the highest concentration of gravity now explained a little better.

Gravity is recognized in the universe as a major invisible force holding galaxies together and creating black holes according to entropy, but it is also noticed on earth. We are all stuck to the ground. Gravity runs my cuckoo clock in smaller increments, too. It is the same force, no kidding, yet still a mystery not defined by science. If you look further inside the Donut Atom Model now available to read on the Internet, that gravity is converted to Frauenhofer spectral lines discovered only recently. These lines are controlled with intelligence requiring a primary source to crystallize out into elements.

That last observation is not known by evolution religion based on an atheistic science because its university priesthood chooses ignorance instead of biblical revelation. As a result, they waste billions of dollars on cyclotrons to smash atoms as they try to learn more about that mystery force holding the universe together. Much in science has become a joke as PhDs investigate smashed atoms that are no longer controlled by intelligence: once smashed the atomic bits end up as junk. The broken pieces of matter have lost the master roadmap embedded in them as whole systems so that they can spoon to connect with other atoms or with other junk particles.

When you smash a brain with a sledgehammer or have even a slight blockage interruption of the blood flow, it stops functioning. Today’s establishment is no longer investigating science. Their research projects only exist to fool the government for more grants. Building bigger cyclotrons to produce brain-dead atomic residues scraped off the Nebelkammer like manure in a dairy barn can be sold with fancy names to impress gullible scientists in need of postulating atheistic opinions to get more government money. Many fantasized theories are invented to define junk matter without intelligence and publish moneymaking books denying the obvious.  

Further investigating the biblical perspective on entropy, look again at the first two verses. They mention two dimensions, Heaven/Heh and Earth/Daleth, giving birth to an invisible time dimension, which is like a bridge joining these two opposing sides together into a whole circle. It needs a closer look at why a gap exists dividing the circle into the Heh and Daleth dimensions still joined together because time has not yet crystallized out according to entropy laws.

God starts his lesson with the next verse to explain initial the concept with the introduction of the first day creation cycle starting what is the glue holding all the dimensions together into one connected universe. It begins with infinite light energy <E∞> which later will be divided into two dimensions one is mass = m the other light=C swirling in two directions E=m(C)² according to the Second law of entropy. Or transcribed called C=“day” the other m=“night” now better understood with HANS like Heh-Daleth. There was evening and morning one day but invisible embedded in the energy formula is a “time dimension” we can express it mathematically in an expanded formula:

(+∞C / –∞C)²

God’s creation starts out with a duality as God the Alpha (+ONE) Force stands alone on one side and is its own universe unknown and invisible as nothing exists yet. Nothing! God transcends space-time-mass-knowledge. We can only describe him with attributes and even that would do not justice as we are mortals with very limited capacity to comprehend him. It is like an ant will never know where the electricity energy comes from what it is and what it does because it is beyond the frequency of an ant’s brain.

When God enters my space, he is perceived as infinite radiating spirit with only one channel left open for communication to connect to him and that is prayer. Prayer is an incredible privilege available only to those destined to live forever. God planned and designed it this way. The Bible therefore states that God knew my name before the foundations of the earth were laid.

I experienced His overriding hand linked to a time dimension when a highly decorated Russian officer gave orders to execute me as a 17-year old German boy illegally crossing the East German border. But the gun did not work for some reason, which extended my life as well as my years imprisoned behind a barbed wire fence.

Many people have similar experiences directed to wake us up from our complacency, as God is interested in our lives.  He invites us to honor him, humbly confess our sins and turn from wickedness; and he in turn promised to hear us, pledged to give us eternal life with an allotted place prepared for all his children.

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying,

“See, the home  of God is among mortals. He will dwell with them as their God; they will be his peoples, and God himself will be with them; he will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away.” (Revelation 21:3-4 NRSV)

Then next, similar to the second entropy design, the Logos appears (God’s Word) emerging from within the eternal ∞ God to reveal himself as the infinite light E∞ energy source is now implementing God’s master plan of a future universe dimension in every atomic minute details and qualifies it as very good.

It is dual in nature like a light frequency seen on an oscilloscope has a sinus shape one above (+) going down below the horizontal line dividing the window (-). Or like a foot print of a baby just born for identification and confirmed thousand years later in the Dead Sea strolls. Genesis declared it with simple science for simple people “day” (+) the other “night” (-), light or dark. The absence of light is night = nothing. It is Beth duality written allover the second Hebrew alphabet, which is the first letter in the Bible, “B” Beth = Brayshith Elohim-[Create ∞God] which has the numeric value of 999. Next stated “created the heavens” or “my Wrath” every Hebrew letter value added will result with a numerical code 999. That is a whole new science subdivision similar I discovered in HANS.

The spoken word the Logos is creating the polarity Beth (-) the initial circle expanding from God the center of all existence in bigger and bigger spherical three dimensions like analogue a stone thrown in the pond will develop round waves. Jesus later uses the Father-Son analogy still “one person” told to Philips for a better understanding because we are mortal mostly ignorant like an ant cannot comprehend the other dimension. The LOGOS was defined in the Bible:

The Lord created me at the beginning of his work, the first of his acts of long ago. Ages ago I was set up, at the first, before the beginning of the earth. When there were no depths I was brought forth, when there were no springs abounding with water.

Before the mountains had been shaped, before the hills, I was brought forth when he had not yet made earth and fields, or the world’s first bits of soil. When he established the heavens, I was there, when he drew a circle on the face of the deep, when he made firm the skies above, when he established the fountains of the deep, when he assigned to the sea its limit, so that the waters might not transgress his command, when he marked out the foundations of the earth, then I was beside him, like a master worker; and I was daily his delight, rejoicing before him always, rejoicing in his inhabited world and delighting in the human race. (Proverbs 8:22-31 NRSV)
The omnipotent God [I-AM] and the Logos emanating from the center “us” now creating and duplicating a designed miniature replica [i-am] you and me in smaller letter version which looks like a miniature God replicated for a special purpose. It creates ultimately an image of the reality which is the Urquell of all existence:

Let us make man in our image,
after our likeness.

That can be further expanded still embedded in the original text if you take the first two words in Genesis and the last two words in Revelation put together in the shortest sentence gets us to the purpose of creation governed by a time dimension:

God Created < in time > The Saints.

It is similar to a modern blueprint. The designer Logos starts out with the concept and puts it on the assembly line creating a universe with all the parts put together in a long stretched out time-dimension ending with the final product = the Saints.

In between those two time polarities is what cost money and needs energy the glue God needed in a time dimension to fashion an earth and planned for the Logos to become mortal to die and make atonement in the lower Daleth dimension. It caused great preparation of restitution to make a universe balanced again derailed by Satan’s rebellion.

It created a new product one notch higher than the Angels to replace formally Satan’s administration so many seats vacant to be filled with “Mankind crowned with the Saints” to correct what went wrong in God’s administration causing original the big bang scientist noticed. Satan’s rebellion did not happen 13.7 Billion years ago but 4488 BC if you use the speed of light teeter-totter model applied to the Aztec stone clock.

To sum it up again because not even theologians hardly understand it, the Logos started a new assembly line to bring together a new product to be inserted to become a totally innovative government for a newly created Jod dimension now vacant still in the making by having removed rebellious administrators. The Saints are not cloned like the angels but born again, twice like a caterpillar-butterfly became God’s Plan for Mankind never preached in church. Therefore as light existed before; the “time dimension” was the first day creation act, which is the glue to hold everything together according to entropy laws.

The Second Day Cycle

Designing an assembly line for the first creation act notice a division of “Waters above” to “Waters below” not clearly translated in the Bible, as scholars are not familiar with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS). Anyway it was translated in English Expanse much better in German Ausdehnung. Waters is plural and HANS explains it with waters = Mem (40) and further describes it like a half dome semicircle peripherally embedded across a “purpose in a time dimension” surrounded with a firmament or Ausdehnung the next assembly line stage. We are not talking yet about an earth covered with water (singular) but still the preface headliner statement a division of the Heh-heaven and Daleth-earth dimensions coming into being, now separated like a sliced bagel into two sandwiched halves held together with some time dimension mayonnaise. God called the whole sandwich an expanding firmament across the waters of time dimension “Sky” or “Dome” now the second cycle.

He has described a circle on the face of the waters, at the boundary between light and darkness. (Job 26:10)

Now reading further the heavens and earth being defined a little closer in (V8) by giving it a name of the above–Heh and below-Daleth now separated from our galaxy we see in the Hubble telescope on the second day cycle but missed to say “it was good” like in the first cycle infinite light appearing. Why?

I think in the Heh dimension was the rebellion of Satan 4488 BC which caused the new Plan for Mankind required to renovate a formless void earth just dirt and rocks similar to the bare moon (V2) for the purpose of redemption. Lucifer’s rebellion was squashed and God now created a Time Dimension and like a Hängematte–hammock is supported by two nails has two polarities stretched in between for a purpose two dimensions Heh> linked in the middle with a Time dimension (+∞C /–∞C)² ending on the other side nail with < Daleth the purpose for mankind.

Heh> (+∞C/–∞C)² < Daleth

Then the creation act focuses on the below the Daleth dimension when our earth crystallized out dividing dry land to appear from the so-called sea. It does not say Mem=waters but now translated water H²O in the singular confused theologian do not notice. When the process finished, it says again it was good. Like an engineer makes sure all is in place and working perfectly for the next assembly instruction.

Invisible Data

In my Donut Atom Babushka concept book, I prove how plants grow faster when the speed of light is higher growing bigger cell structures and faster. Have another look at the human fossil bone picture and wonder. The size of a prehistoric dinosaur to an elephant is 10:1, the size of human fossil bones 6:1.

However the light curve Table exponential reverses at BC/AD going up toward Jod Dimension but splits the time curve dimension becoming straight fizzing out ending 3018 AD according to the graph on page one. Jesus’ resurrection accomplished his Plan for Mankind 33 AD as light could be getting faster again even feeding close to 7 billion people in our time never anticipated.

We do not have light measurements from BC, but we can see it from the heights of castle doorways built before the Middle Ages or in the size of iron armor designed for shorter people. Today, my kids are over 6 feet tall and some taller.

That fact was even noticed by Dr. Phil on his daily TV show discussing the social implications and the impact of a new phenomenon. Prophecy forecasts (based on the light-time formula) project that people will live longer during the millennium when God’s Kingdom rules on earth. People will reach Abraham’s age of 175 years again. Check out other Pearls to widen knowledge horizons.

No more shall there be in it an infant that lives but a few days, or an old person who does not live out a lifetime; for one who dies at a hundred years will be considered a youth, and one who falls short of a hundred will be considered accurse. (Isaiah 65:20 NRSV).

There are many new discoveries in science, but the evolution religion establishment prevents them from being discussed in open forum. Just one more example: in their pride educated PhDs comment on the Internet about the Antikythera clock they do not understand. For 100 years they studied that contraption with 32 bronze gears hanging in the Athens museum and even made a fancy clock model you can crank, yet they still do not know what it is. Anyway, check out how that clock works, if you want to learn something new from ancient science linked to the Bible. By rejecting the Bible, they will never decipher that clock in another 100 years.

The Antikythera Mechanism is a clock with 32 embedded gears that show us an astronomical ratio of 13.368421 and a lot more. Most scientists only comment that this clock perhaps indicates the moon presently traveling 13.368267 times as fast as the sun through 12 zodiac positions on the back dial, which is probably just a fanciful simulation. They relate it to the Greek philosophers’ 2000 years ago thought as being inferior and postulate that the mechanism tried to track a universe revolving around a fixed earth.

This genius device demonstrates advanced technology and the investment of a lot of money, but modern researchers still have not figured why it was invented. The ancient technology disappeared; however most university departments investigating ancient objects will not consider 4,000-year old Bible knowledge, which all along in front of our eye gives the answers on how that clock works. A stupid unscientific evolution monkey fairytale religion is preferable to them without questioning. True science investigates by applying logic. It should not ignore entropy based on the laws of thermodynamics at work in nature exchanging energy to make you live a little longer.

Since I am the first one to crack the clock mysteries, I have a logical opinion why that clock was designed with a diminishing time base and will reveal reasons for much of the information science struggles with today. My scientific journey is pitted against many unscientific opinions in universities that the speed of light is not constant, but I have a friend in Einstein postulating the same.

The Antikythera clock, dated 100 BC, tells me the change of the moon-gravity relationship could explain global warming, which is embedded in gears we cannot deny. Today, 2100 years later, scientists measure the astronomic ratio as 13.368267, which is a little different by a small fraction from the ancient clock’s ratio of 13.368421. The clock is much older than dated.

Remember history: Julius Caesar changed the calendar and added 62 days (July-August), later named after Augustus his adopted son. The parabolic curve in my diagram shows two positions, which could mean that the speed of light is first slowing down and then getting faster again toward our time.
That ancient Greek clock tells me how much. We have two measured ratios and should compare them to light-gravity because light influences gravity in a teeter-totter relationship. BC/AD was the fulcrum of the time dimension; therefore, we must draw a horizontal like about 518 BC across the exponential curve matching the clock’s fabrication to measure an exponential earth axis wobble. In Julius Caesar’s time, the calendar needed to be corrected but further down in time, another 1500 years later again, it was fine adjusted by 14 days to bring us to today’s modern Gregorian calendar.

The difference from the Middle Ages’ remaining axis wobble to 2009 is the difference in ratios between that of the ancient clock and what scientists measure today. Thus, light was 2.15 miles slower in about BC/AD 185,997 miles/second (186,000 x [13.368267 / 13.368421]).

That does not seem like much, but we should consider some more factors like the exponential population curve in the last 150 years, which has increased by a factor of 7. Apply that to what we just learned in this New Research Pearl, if scientists measured it correctly, the speed of light compared to the speed BC/AD should be greater by the same factor.

But all the other proofs should be brought together - like light in a greenhouse extended results in shorter time growing food that demonstrates the teeter-totter gravity-light energy laws, in order to end up with a unifying theory, which makes better sense. Since light speed is linked to gravity in a teeter-totter law, it could explain why the International Platinum Standard (IPS) kilogram in a Paris vault has become heavier, with its 40 sisters, further explained later. 

The much older (2000 BC) Aztec stone skull calendar exhibited in Mexico City’s outdoor museum has an embedded constant of 14.305789, and if we relate it to the Antikythera clock’s 13.368421 constant dated 100 BC (a 1900 year range), we have an added concept. It tells me that the left leg of the parabolic time curve indicates a faster speed reduction toward BC/AD totaled by 12,117 miles/second because it is still mixed with the residue of a previous earth axis wobble governed by laws of physics fizzing out exponentially from the seven creation periods.

(13.368421x186,000 / 14.305789=173,812) [186,000-173,812] =
the speed of light @ BC/AD 12,187 miles/second lower

Remember, the older ages of people like Methuselah reported in the Bible before Noah’s Flood (2288 BC) must be based on physics like the larger human bones found in a Turkish grave. It harmonizes with what I postulated that the speed of light must have been faster in ancient times as evidenced by larger cell structures and fossil bones than what we measure today. Food also grows faster in green houses by extending light.

If you think the Big Bang happened 13.7 billion years ago measured with our speed of light yard stick but using a Aztec-Antikythera clock data range of 1900 years, would calculate a faster speed of light in ancient time 87.6 billion miles per second compared to our present time 186,000 miles/second.
That would shorten the Big Bang Time Dimension a little closer matching the Aztec clock data previously dated 4488 BC. It is quite possibly could be programmed with an exponential parabolic time curve adjustment: (12,187/1900=6.4 miles/second/year) @ [13.7x 6.4= 87.68 billion] a little closer to ∞E. That is a number too big for me to comprehend. Check out the third clock Babushka book how the math really works.    

Following that path of reasoning tells me that even the infinite light (=∞E), the glue of all creation, is the result of the Second Law of Thermodynamics in relation to God who cannot be defined with our mortal intellect as he transcends space-time-mass-knowledge. But God, who became visible at the BC/AD crossover previously mentioned - the fulcrum of the time dimension, has another fulcrum intersection projected in Bible prophecy that could broaden the exponential time curve bottomed out across 2,000 years. Two points on the graph frame it: from 28 September BC/AD to 28 September 2015 with solstice years matching Jesus’ birthday both ways. Jesus is the fulcrum of the time dimension, also linked to his second coming to earth projected by many witnesses. Check out Forum Pearls on my websites. It establishes a time base for our mortality with purpose.

The teeter-totter law of gravity to light defines the time dimension. From the time perspective, we can reason the other laws, but remember we are like in a closed elevator and only perceive a change in velocity by sensing acceleration or deceleration. The end result is a time dimension that we can measure because we are mortals and invented clocks.

Our tombstone simply tells the dates of our caterpillar-butterfly existence projected on a certain point of the 7,000-year Hebrew Calendar like the invisible Frauenhofer spectral lines in the seven rainbow colors that needs instruments to indicate one element of the periodic table. God gave you a name like a unique element before you where born at a Heh dimension conception when the Plan for Humanity was designed to include every person ever born on earth. Each is given a name and recorded in books opened at the end of time - read Revelation 20.

A speed of light change, embedded and calculated from ancient clocks, must overlay Bible concepts to make sense, and it does. It must also match prophecy, which is history written in advance. Looking back there are hundreds events we can check out for its truthfulness. A flexible time dimension concept hangs on the walls of many museums; some weigh 125 lbs. of pure gold.

They should be more closely investigated to direct our thinking to consider a declining earth wobble that would affect the teeter-totter gravity relationship. A declining earth wobble would influence ice melting in the polar region original three (3) miles thick, a mini ice age starting from the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn leaving a narrow bandwidth for the cradle of our second civilization to re-evolve after Noah’s asteroid shaking violently the earth.

The ice on the Polar Regions is now reduced since 2287 BC to one (1) mile thick as measured today. Ice has melted for 4,300 years. Today we worry about global warming, but the truth of what is happening is not allowed to be taught in universities because professors worry more about government grants for their pay. They pander to the media postulating fairytales on TV.

I link the exponential population curve in the last 150 years, which has increased by a factor of 7. Thus, we are growing more food due an accelerated photosynthetic conversion at the cell level connected to the speed of light. It is imperceptively getting higher as even Dr. Phil noticed in his TV show without knowing why.  

Summing up what we just learned, the difference of the speed of light since BC/AD could even be greater by the same factor. But all the other proofs should be brought together - like light in a greenhouse extended results in shorter time growing food that demonstrates the teeter-totter gravity-light energy laws trying to figure it out inside the elevator to end up with a unifying theory making better sense.

Please, if you are better educated, throw some egg in my face if you disagree. That would make me happy as that will be a sign for me that you are thinking and no longer comatose being entertained in the universities by an atheistic establishment priesthood repeating evolution religion without facts.
When the Antikythera clock was designed (before 100 BC), the clockmaker first had to measure the moon-earth distance relationship very accurately. From that knowledge, he determined the gear ratio required to measure the curve of a declining earth axis wobble indicated by the structure of a number of ancient calendars as related in my book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

They needed to know the moon’s original path of travel in relation to the earth as it was before the 5 February 2287 BC asteroid impact. The earth axis moved from a winter solstice to winter solstice year of 360 days to our present 365.24 days and still expanding. The Antikythera designer(s) calculated the last remaining range toward the point when the earth axis will come to final rest on 21 December 2012 AD.

The moon gravity-orbit wobble is still trying to stabilize, so it moves a few centimeters each year. When the moon moves a bit further away it makes a person a couple potato chips lighter. This phenomenon is better explained in my third Babushka egg book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

That is why we measure 13.368267 today, which is a little different from the ancient 13.368421 measurements. I am impressed at the sophistication of the ancients’ advanced technology. It is overlooked and forgotten in our time because it evidences against the atheistic evolution religion. The gravity-light teeter-totter laws measured by the ancients could explain why the Standard Platinum Kilogram has changed weight after 135 years and must adjust to the many Newton’s gravity laws. A meeting of scientists was scheduled for 2011. I hope they consider my models for a better understanding physics that avoids atheistic controlled viewpoints not matching science.

I usually tell my students to think of the earth as a windowless train circling around the sun. It has only one passenger, the moon, but the moon does not sit on the bench. He walks with the direction of the train and reverses walking back.

From the velocity perspective gravity would accelerate-decrease as that would cause in an elliptical earth travel direction changes and will never come back to the same orbit, which could cause climate changes too seen from another perspective. Similarly, a person becomes a few potato chips lighter each year as mentioned in my Babushka book Reflections on Global Warming.

The Third Day Cycle

Now vegetation appears shrubs, trees and seed bearing plants on the third day without sun light impossibility if you understand biology. We all know that no biological cells can live and multiply without the sunlight.

Theologians and scientists alike will protest being smarter then the Bible and would say the Bible cannot be true our science is superior, but notice there is infinite light on the first day cycle and slowing down could be growing a bio world much faster? We should focus a little closer how God’s secretary is transmitting for us the creation story in the proper sequence against modern science opinion.

The first secretary recording God’s Oracles was highly intelligent and invented an ingenious method before writing was invented and converted the Logos instruction into a song to tell the story very accurately in sequence made to music for the grandchildren easy to learn. It was woman less educated but smart and knowing that men-folk always forgetful would twist history which could distort eternal truth. We learn from this that the first transmission of important history was not the Alphabet Hieroglyphs or HANS but songs committed by simple mothers telling the story.

That preserved an accurate text because the words rapped around with music could not be changed for centuries. Today many talented young people with a guitar make big money doing the same. My wife still sings the songs from the sixties remembered in all the detail.

That could explain an educated Moses trained in the best royal Egyptian school wrote down the songs in Hebrew writing now invented as he had the time watching the sheep for 40 years before he became famous leading Israel his people from bondage to the promised land. It is wonderful of God to use the best method for us to be able to know what happened to Adam and Eve 6,000 years ago and can still understand and compare God’s creation sequence to our standard of science all matching now for some better educated.

It survived an asteroid with Noah’s children still singing the song of creation saved on a boat going through Hell on the outside a big wobble flood of horrendous tidal waves. A terrible time shifting and separating continents during poring rain which caused the Atlantis civilization (2287 BC) to disappear together with Noah’s relatives and friends as everything vanished and perished under silt and water. But God watched out over his Logos song story for our benefit, the music is still noticeable in a HANS echo explained in my first book to widen our science horizon.

To finish my time dimension discovery the third day was still immersed into a declining infinite energy light coming from the Spirit floating over a deep Ausdehnung starting the first day cycle with the infinite light still on. When we look at the population curve and apply it to the very first three creation days I see a parallel of 210 (3x70) years.

Parabola Cycles If we transposed that curve and applied it reversed to an infinite light reduction it would match and overlay with the fourth day light at lower speed of 186,000 miles/second according to the Second Law of Entropy. That would make sense that ∞+light is exponential declining matching the first creation act and declares only evening to morning one day (Yom). That is a little short what about the rest of the time to the next evening? Why does it say evening and morning, one day? It needed some time to bake the cake, or was it already adjusting exponential to the fourth creation day.

Let’s not assume that one day is equal to another as it does not say in the original “day-Shanah” but better translated cycles “Yom” of indefinable duration. The Aztec-Hebrew calendar indicated that each creation day was 70 Gregorian years long mean averaged across 420 (6x70) years. But prehistoric clocks show us an exponential wobble time reduction like the age of Methuselah 969 years old genetically not possible could be a little shorter; unless measured with the titter-totter light-time dimension or Aztec calendar reduced to 138 years Gregorian calendar equivalent.

The Fourth Day Cycle

And God said, “Let there be lights in the dome of the sky to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years, and let them be lights in the dome of the sky to give light upon the earth.”

And it was so. God made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night—and the stars. God set them in the dome of the sky to give light upon the earth, to rule over the day and over the night, and to separate the light from the darkness.

And God saw that it was good. And there was evening and there was morning, the fourth day. (Genesis 1:14-19 NRSV)

Now a Daleth time dimension God is inserting sun-light much slower speed between earth and heaven as defined in HANS Daleth=4 “In this place-in this time”. It is on a lesser level and was meant for mortals to grow vegetation and food by placing the earth around a sun orbit exactly spaced to maintain life.

That is very, very narrow range to exist but embedded with a time dimension can now be measured with clocks. We can explain it with a new discovered Donut Atom theory when infinite light gravity is passing through atoms inside the sun, the invisible infinite ∞light speed is reduced to a lower level like a transformer on one side millions of volts the other 110 volts.

Its gravity light speed converted coming through the sun-skin is now much smaller 186,000 miles per sec. and takes 8 minutes to arrive from the sun to our earth a little slower. If we would apply Einstein’s formula experienced in an atom bomb light (C²) would be too fast growing our food as God designed a time dimension for mortals growing vegetables a little slower. It needed parabolic time dimension now postulated (+∞C /–∞C)² to make it perfect now stated again, “Then God saw that it was very good.”

Genesis description is full of wonders always discovering more. Investigating Adam’s civilization advancing fast notice they invented iron and bronze in the first hundred years after 4004 BC. Compare that to our civilization it took 1000 years after Noah 2288 BC to reinvent iron again as mankind’s IQ diminished. Adam’s children created music instrument accompanied with songs showed a high degree of technical advancement. No wonder grandpa Adam had an IQ of a 1000 playing chess with God in the Garden of Eden and became later a lucrative inventor. God wanted to have some fun a dummy monkey would not do. It is too bad we can no longer use or original designed brain capacity now down to 5% or much less believing in evolution monkey fairytales. In Texas we can find the evidence of mud turned to rock formation, which shows human footprints inside footprints of dinosaurs. That would put it in the timeframe before Noah 2288 BC. Living with 120-foot dinosaurs raising a family would present some problems.

How did the ancients cope with it?

Around the world in a narrow corridor we see multiple multiple remains of one-stage pyramids built from river stones into large platforms for protection, not too high but with steeply inclined walls. That was a practical solution protecting those on top that prevented dinosaurs and large predator animals from climbing up. Sheep and goats were the first domestic animals. They could easily be led down to pasture in the morning. At evening they were chased up the pyramid wall for protection when dangerous marauders roamed during the night. Later pyramid versions became statements of religious expression like the Great Pyramid made now with square stones fashioned with iron tools. It only shows a King’s Chamber with an open polished coffin to indicate a resurrection believe system recorded in Genesis. All dimensions incorporated highly advanced mathematics learned from Adam, an expert in biology and astronomy asked many question to God where he came from. Square stone Pyramids where oriented on only very special places indicating the position of the magnetic North pole.

Reading my third Babushka book, you will learn something never even discussed in any university by linking an magnetic center inside our earth moving 40 Km measured today which behaves like an internal gyroscope and therefore can determines where the drifting magnetic North Pole will be at a given time. The next location of a traveling magnetic North Pole will be Siberia Russia in about 50 years. Recalculating tracing backwards from that technology we find that the Aztec Pyramids in Mexico City build a Pyramid in on an artificial raised island centered on a lake. Why in the center of a lake?

In their time around 2000 BC, all the magnetic North Pole compass measurements pointed to the center of the lake while walking around. That must have been the motivation to build a pyramid in the middle of the lake still seen today now dry in Teotihuacán near Mexico City an out door museum with the Sun and Moon complex pyramids. Looking up in the night sky watching a visual display of an active corona fire light show causing fear and worship familiar seen on the North Pole. The Egyptian Great pyramid on the other side of 2288 BC pointing to some star constellation may not be incidental as the traveling North Pole may be the reason for building it at that certain location.

That could date the building of the Egyptian Pyramids very accurate too as we know the Magnetic Poles moving 40 Km in our time and calculating the periphery of our earth 40,000 Km not too complicated. I would be interested to generate a computer model of the original Aztec X-axis earth pole travel going around in 52 days cycles and thereafter displaced by the asteroid now Magnetic Poles moving 1000 years declining along the earth wobble multiplied by 52 Aztec calendar cycles which gets us 52,000 cycles scientist wonder about. If you know the speed of the precession of the equinoxes and the distance of Magnetic Pole movements can calculate how big our earth is. This is new to science. Check it out.

The pre-Noah 2288 BC Great Pyramid in Egypt has embedded (7) seven mathematic symbols like pie _ needed in calculating a circle and (5) five math formulas without we could not have gone into space or the moon. It has the same footprint to the inch globally on the other side as the Teotihuacán Sun pyramid near Mexico City, why?

Again we recognize a math system 7:5 ratio embedded in HANS just recently discovered. In addition the Hebrews gave us the earliest calendar with a seventh math system matching a seven day creation act from the very beginning Waw Age defining for mortals a life cycle totaled 7000 years human history. The Chinese had a 60th system and later the Romans counting December = 10th. Now we use the binary code in computers. These are all math systems with a different base applied in history. Remember before Julius Cesar the calendar had only 300 days around in one sun orbit which could be matching the Chinese 60 base system rotating 5 dragons (earth-metal-water-wood-fire) for every 12 zodiacs.

Chinese BaguaThere will be a water-dragon starting the Chinese New Year after 21 December 2012. What is interesting the Apocalypse is ending between two dragons Fire–Earth [2014-2015] like fire on earth matching Revelation prophecy and also linked to the Aztec fire 5thcycle forecast.

The earlier Aztec 260 days (5x52 system) 2000 BC confused scientists combining it with a complex Aztec religion not knowing the earth had a backwards wobble. When we compare the ratios of different clocks exhibited in various museums historically spaced 1715 years apart they are identical. Contrast the Genesis Calendar 2288 BC [2.0:1.0:.457] - Daniel’s Prophecy week Calendar clock 518 BC (Times: time: ½time) = [2:1:½], - Antikythera bronze clock 100 BC [1:½:¼]. It is similar to various math system declining. It is like the Chinese-60, Aztec-52, Julius-10, Binary-2 code/2012 all connected to a declining wobble calendar mathematics.

chinese Bronze DisksIn my Babushka clock book I copied three Chinese bronze plates dated 2000 BC with an embedded binary code we exploit today. Using all that information summed up can mathematically project the beginnings of our earth in a better big bang story as we can calculate now and decipher Satan’s rebellion [4488 BC] linked to the Aztec stone clock calendar which puts the fourth creation day about 4270 BC for the Waw Age.

Scientists believing in an atheistic evolution religion do not realize that the earth had a pervious backwards wobble caused by an asteroid which turned the earth two times a year through the Aztec 25,625.862-year Precession of the Equinoxes cycles right after Noah’s boat experience, which was proven by a recent researcher interpreting the Himmelsscheibe, a bronze plate found a few years ago in Germany still a mystery to scientists.

It surprised that highly educated lady to find the procession cycles in that bronze-gold plate, though moved in much shorter cycles across, like 6 months of our calendar. She could not believe it did not match the opinions of the establishment. She should read my third Babushka clock book that revealed how the Aztecs measured the Procession of the Equinoxes with their bare eyes, which will prove she was right. Nobody could predict those long fairytale years as the Aztec were smarter than our atheistic researchers blinded by an evolution religion invented 100 years ago not matching entropy laws.

The serpent is predominant in the Aztec religion and was projected to come to earth 2012 AD ending a 52,000 cycles of the Precessions of the Equinoxes doomed in a fire period. That is prophesied also in the Bible as the Plan for Mankind will climax with the Chet Age, a seven-year Apocalypse 2008-2015 to continue with the Teth Age lasting thousand years God’s Kingdom on earth.

The Hebrew prophecy calendar ends on 3018 AD with another new earth-new heaven cycle=Jod announced by Jesus but this time the new universe will again be without a time dimension. The time dimension was only inserted for reason of Lucifer’s rebellious interruption that needed restitution, which has an end date too. How was a time dimension inserted to create a Daleth dimension from the science perspective?

God simply added two extra neutrinos within the seven color light spectrum inside every atom. It is analogue like (Neutrinos linked to protons) in horse and carriage arrangement speeding around in a miniaturized atom Roman Coliseum. That will explain why in the middle of the time dimension is demonstrating the biggest historic creation act where angels shouted for joy and excitement as it happened on earth the very center of the cosmos. God appearing on earth shrouded in mortality revealed his final plan for the universe bringing back a derailed train on track.

That was really the big bang in the universe the greatest cosmic event affecting all of mankind extraordinary when the invisible God decided to become visible in BC/AD and was born mortal to redeem and pay the price with his own life for what went wrong in the Heh and Daleth dimension. God the creator of everything accepts full responsibility for everything. That cosmic redemption is the very center and reason for a time dimension witnesses by angels watching, read the Gospel, but unfortunately mankind totally failing blindsided not understanding the hundreds of prophecy foretelling every event.

But when the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son, [the Logos] born of a woman, born under the law, in order to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as children. (Galatians 4:4-5 NRSV) [Logos added for clarification.]
Our whole mortal life is driven and subjected to a time dimension even recorded two birthdays on many tombstones, one for the Daleth the other Heh dimension. The recorded death date the spirit of man will be passing through the cocoon door and emerge as a butterfly according to nature more beautiful to reflect ultimately created being designed to live forever in the Jod dimension.

Let us Make Man in our Image

God wanted children to look like him, be like him, and act like him exactly what we expect from our children. The design for redeemed mankind is also duplicated in the books of Life on the end of our Daleth existence like a hammock bridging over a time dimension when books are opened on the last day and recorded our journey either ending in Taw or Jod dimension our choice if you read Babushka books rearranged Revelation to match HANS to be better informed then theologians.

God introduced a time dimension to mortals in the Bible summed up in Hebrew Genesis-Chinese-Aztec calendars each and every one matching the history dates recorded since 4488 BC but must be adjusted to the NASA calculation corrected to a Gregorian calendar system because the earth had an exponential parabolic axis wobble which came to rest on 2012.

That is not a mystery date from the Aztec only would naturally prevent anyone from understand other concepts. Right at the beginning in Genesis people’s age is mention and their children born. That started a human history calendar followed by ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited later in many museums. Ancient clocks displayed in museums atheistic scientists cannot understand because they believe in an evolution religion makes you dim-witted and is prevented from understanding true nature and mankind’s history a little better.

Ask any scientist whose feathers are ruffled by my opinions, “Why has the IPK platinum Standard changed after 135 years?” Do not excuse it by phony platinum oxidizations not possible.

Looking further at the rearranged formulary of Dr. Albert Einstein (C)²=E/m. “C” squared (²) is Light going into two dimension. When light is split in the seven rainbow colors it is on one side blue 4000 angstrom the other 7000 red angstroms.

That creates an internal invisible twist like a front wheel in a car not align will always turn into circle. When light twirls around in high speed in two directions round and round like sour milk in a butter keg it brings forth mass like butter too. That same process creates galaxies seen with the Hubble telescope, fuelled by infinite energy circling to give it Gestalt, or shape, or existence. Check out my Donut Atom Babushka concept book, which explains the theory, a little better not yet postulated in an atheistic forum. But infinite light-gravity scaled down like a transformer to the Daleth dimension a little slower according to Second Law of Entropy we all can recognize it demonstrated a light 186,000 miles/sec with frequencies of embedded spectral lines now limited by a narrow spectrum of seven rainbow colors reveals a time dimension.  

However we know it is much broader with many invisible frequencies on each side of the frequency spectrum like x-ray or TV useful in high-technology and invented thousands of instruments evolving into a complex civilization. We could not fly an airplane or have satellites not even build sky scrapers needs electricity. Explain electricity to the priesthood controlling universities will get you the Noble price still does not know what it is. I developed a good theory but still waiting for the expert will not even read it because it is explaining science from the Bible. Fat chance the establishment rather believe in fairytales steeped in an atheistic evolution religion. We think we are so much smarter but technology linked to electricity showed up only in the last century when we understood physics a little better and discovered so many frequencies linked to infinite light not yet defined either. Electricity was around before the Atlantis civilization [2288 BC] embroiled in a forbidden genetic modification you can be better informed in another Babushka book.

Nonetheless infinite light is mentioned in the Bible therefore ignored by the so-called experts believing in an atheistic evolution religion. My religion is 4,000year old much superior knowledge because God wrote the rules of nature and used 40 secretaries to write it down.

To understand light a little better, it is definitely not static constant or going straight but moves around in a big two-dimensional red shift 7000-Angstrom circle, just look in your garden and see how everything’s grows. If light is slowed down or accelerates it grows veggies slower or faster verified in the greenhouse adding more light and time. Therefore, anything that moves is framed with a time dimension even Einstein captured it in a math equation and hopeful you followed some concept now expanded embedded in the first verses of Genesis.


(+∞C /–∞C)² = E∞/m

The implications summed up in this new concept of a Time Dimension presented in this pearl, grow like a snowball rolling down the hill: it gets so big that it flattens anything in its path. Conventional physics become like a house of cards where the main pillar card of Einstein’s formula E-mC² either collapses or expands a notch higher. The powerful observations noted in that pearl cannot be put aside as they are based on entropy laws we all recognize and heed because they control everything in life.

Galaxy-Black_HoleEntropy demands that Something evolved from Nothing needs intelligence to become 100%. At the instant when energy conversion starts, the time dimension is mysteriously born according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. When we recognize the result of the Second Law, we can postulate and measure mathematically the 100% energy stage.

The Big Bang stated started with a time dimension commonly dated 13.7 billion years ago. This dimension is based on the speed of light measured with our instruments at 186,000m/sec; however, light speed is not constant. The present measurements are taken at our current, relatively stable earth axis, but my third Babushka book demonstrated strong evidence for a dramatic shift in that axis due to an asteroid strike (5 February 2287 BC) that took hundreds of years to move from its ancient orientation to the one we know now. Like a child’s top spinning down, the earth axis wobbled in ancient times.

The smallest change in the speed of light can change our measurements in physics as defined by Newton. I believe this is why the IPS Platinum Standard Kilogram in the Paris vault and its 40 sisters have become heavier in 135 years. It could also explain Global Warming because all physical phenomena are connected with the Time Dimension.

Recognizing how time began explains energy conversion based on the First Law of Thermodynamics moving in the direction of the Second Law, which consequently evolves into the Gestalt existence of the material world. In my first two books, I explained how the time dimension ends with Taw, as represented in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. The mysterious time dimension is embedded in every atom to combine into long chains of molecules controlled by neutrino intelligence from the Heh (heavenly) dimension. Eventually, it ends up producing galaxies and the earth embedded with life as we know it through mortal experience.

Therefore, when we use a time dimension yardstick based on Einstein’s formula, it is too small. Slowed down light converted into the Second Law of Entropy now requires billions of years to travel across the universe from one galaxy to another instead of the almost instantaneous time it took during the conversion from infinite speed to its present configuration.

t must conform to the teeter-totter Energy-Time equation (∞E = Zero Time) being birthed from the First Law of Thermodynamics. Check out those galaxy pictures from the Hubble Telescope Satellite and notice a frozen time dimension like a movie only seen frame by frame.

No one can really understand billions of years for the Big Bang explosions, so it has become expertly clouded by opinions and fairytale imaginations. The present, slow yardstick of visible light speed only works for calculating light and distances within the solar system, which can accurately be measured with our present instruments. But cosmic science needs a higher energy conversion yardstick to analyze black holes and measure galaxies.

To better understand the atomic nuclear reactions in our sun, we also need to use a speed of light higher than 186,000 miles/second, so I have introduced infinite light (∞E) in our calculations. The sun could be compared to a transformer. On one side it converts billions of invisible gravity volts to the other side of reduced, visible light at 186,000 miles/second, which conforms to what physical science knows about the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The sun demonstrates physical energy conversion from higher atomic energy levels converting hydrogen to helium at a lower intensity, thereby releasing energy on a subordinate or lesser level. We observe that, in any energy conversion, a time dimension must appear; therefore, we can mathematically postulate the existence of a First Law of Entropy that ranges from present light speed toward the infinite. That would have tremendous consequences on how we think about the universe and what happens inside the atom. Infinite light and infinite time are mathematical concepts embedded in nature. In physics nothing over infinite exists, so infinite is 100%. Science can only measure the Second Law on a lower level, but it is mathematically possible to estimate the 100%. The sun’s energy is estimated by comparing it to our experiences with atomic energy in reactors and bombs, which conform to known entropy laws.

he existence of a time dimension proves that infinity exists and that infinite energy has converted into mass. However, Einstein’s E=mC² formula only measures light on the second entropy law level because of the missing intelligence. Intelligence is embedded in the sun. Mankind has observed it for 6,000 years, and it has still not exploded. Yet Einstein’s formula would lead us to expect such an explosion.

My new model for a donut–shaped nucleus inside every atom is explained in my 6th Babushka book, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story. The expanded time formula (+∞C/–∞C)² evolved from the Second Law conversion linked to infinite time because it has the original intelligence still embedded that came from the 100% formation moment defined as -∞- or the genesis of creation, which is mentioned in the Bible.

C²=E/m is the result observed by Einstein, but it is on the lower level, consequently lacking the intelligence to modulate energy release in a controlled manner as opposed to the explosive results unlocked by Einstein’s insights. However, all what we observe in nature, if it is not modified by man or scientists, still demonstrates the originally embedded intelligence as all the normal energy exchange we see in nature like iron oxidation, for example, is slower since it is subject to time based on the presently observed speed of light.

The sun does not explode in thousand atomic bombs because it is still controlled by intelligence embedded in every atom by the Creator. My cuckoo clock model doles out gigantic gravity energy from space to hold galaxies together and also dispense the same energy in atom-size chunks converted to an embedded time dimension. We find its slower running speed useful, although it seems almost infinitely fast when compared to the normal pace of life lived under the entropy laws.

In GMO problems, we have another example where the intelligent protection policemen are spliced out from the cell level when the original immune system is destroyed. It becomes less than 100%, down to the second entropy level, which causes people to be subject to E-coli bacteria, salmonella or swine flu, so thousands get sick and many die. We are now witnessing how many insects, even honeybees, are vanishing. Wildlife disappears, becoming extinct, which may be followed by the whole ecosystem collapsing as greedy global corporations genetically modify our food. Our fading fish population is poisoned by pollution and may not recover.  Our grandchildren will curse us for causing massive starvation.

All of nature is controlled through these two entropy laws; therefore, the teeter-totter energy-time law of the universe was designed for mortals. Jesus defined Hell as outer darkness based in Kelvin cold, teeth gnashing. As ∞ Time and Heaven (∞ E) invisible yet brilliant, light-bathed eternal life, but it requires intelligence at the very center for creating everything. Creation gives purpose. Check out the ancient Hebrew Heh-Daleth Dimension to expand your knowledge horizons.

(Zero E = ∞ Time) or (∞ E = Zero Time)

These new ideas will take some time to understand. If you want to widen a science horizon linked to the Bible there is more to have fun check out Babushka books explaining a Reflection of Global Warming from a totally different perspective based in the Bible. Than there are ancient clocks and calendars exhibited in many museums now for the first time explained what they measure another fun perspective. It is linked why on 5 February 2287 BC God destroyed the Atlantis civilization associated to a forbidden genetic modifications as we now have a steady calendar and the reason why God got so angry destroying his creation only Noah’s family surviving.

Find out about Genetic Modification Exposed! the fourth Babushka concept book which is very important information suppressed by our FDA government, can avoid salmonella, E-coli and so many other deceases like the recent swine flue buying only organic grown food. The criminal atheistic scientists of huge global corporations spliced out genetically the protective immune system within the cell structure all for higher profit without telling the public. It causes death and massive extinction honeybees disappearing, free information on the Internet and invite you to join the Daniel’s Wise Club perhaps could survive the Apocalypse now dated.

The doors of genetic science are just now opened. We see a vast storehouse of intelligence, information contained within very complex chromosomes. That will eventual explain what makes you human. People are 100% designed to live forever. Human beings are not evolutionary products ending in Taw to exist no more as believed by an educated in atheism community. This universe will eventually end because the Kelvin Zero-Time dimension runs down and out according to physics. Everything will stop moving inside every atom - no life - void of infinite energy when the ∞E we take for granted is freely given no longer!

Check it out it. Hopefully, you will better understand how an exponentially parabolic time dimension defines mortality and appreciate the Bible linked to science a little better. Daniel’s 7- year Apocalypse was prophesied on his clock which should be shortened to five years consistent with Jesus appearing 600 years later proclaiming God’s Wrath will be shortened to 5 years on our clock. That will ruffle some feathers again for theologian not knowing Daniel’s clock had a 14.305789 constant which can date the Apocalypse to a day. By using a little science will clarify questionable Bible references and I hope theologian will wake up and be educated in science too. Daniel wrote his prophecy in two languages or two levels, which is matching the HANS, arrangement ratio 7:5 important if you are in the prophecy dating business.

There is much more I am sure, but needs to dive in the Bible Ocean and collect more Forum Pearls see the index table to add to our knowledge balanced with the Heh dimension wisdom received by prayer and intuition directly from God’s Throne.

For I am about to create new heavens and a new earth; the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in what I am creating. (Isaiah 65:17-18 NRSV)

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. (Revelation 21:1 NRSV)

Some Final Facts for Skeptics

Adapted from:
Biblical Account: 14 Statements, all 100% Consistent with Modern Observations.

English vs. Hebrew

The Hebrew language is shorthand compared to English. One must understand the rules if you want to expand it. Four well-known physical constants with positive values, yet there's a minus sign in front. That immediately tells us that the entire universe experiences negative acceleration.

The universe is decelerating. That was a tremendous challenge to the theology of Einstein’s day because in the 200 years previous to Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, academic scientific society was operating on the premise that the universe was static.

According to Augustine and other Church Fathers the Hebrew word, "Day" in Genesis, was a long period of time. If you read the early fathers of the church, the vast majority of them adopted the view that these days of creation were long time periods, not 24-hour periods.

The English language has the largest vocabulary that man has ever invented. There are 4,000,000 nouns in the English language. The Hebrew language, by contrast, is one of the most noun poor languages that man has ever invented.

So, the English reader has a difficult time appreciating that in the Hebrew Old Testament, there are very few words to describe periods of time. The Hebrew word Yom, for “day long” can mean 12 hours, 24 hours or a long time period. You have to examine the context, to determine which of the three definitions to use.

Incidentally, we have the same problem with the word “heaven” for which the Hebrew language has three different definitions. In Genesis 1, the reader must examine the context in order to determine which heaven is being used in which place. Paul referred to the third heaven, so the reader would know which one he was talking about. Using the Hebrew Daleth-Heh-Jod dimensions now makes more sense.

Day 7: No Evening & Morning

I didn't know Hebrew when I first read the Bible. But I immediately recognized that Genesis 1 must have been talking about a longer period of time because there is no evening or morning for the seventh day. Notice that the first six days are closed off with an evening and a morning. The seventh day is not, and there's a good reason for that.

Reading Psalm 95 and Hebrews 4:9, you discover that God's seventh day, the day of rest, is still proceeding, through the present and on into the future. Live your lives so that you will enter God's seventh day, day of rest. Or it can be compared to the seven-cycle Creation Restitution Plan and seven-cycle God’s Plan for Humanity to total 14 stations like the Aztec calendar system illustrates. 

Seventh Day is Now

We're still in the seventh day. If the seventh day is a long time period, then the first six days must likewise be long time periods. As a 17 year old, I came to understand that the fact that we're in the seventh day answers the enigma of the fossil record. Why we see it in the past, but we don't see it today. 

The book, Creation and Time, has 21 biblical arguments for why the days must be long, and not 24 hours. It's helpful to realize that there is no Hebrew word to describe a long period of time. The only option is to use the word Yom. Likewise, the words evening and morning also mean beginning and ending.

If you want the details, they're covered in the book. This opens an opportunity, because there are many non-Christians out there who are convinced that Christianity has no credibility because it speaks of the universe as being a mirage.

A Young Universe could only be an Illusion preached in every university because astronomers measure it to be a tremendous size and that size speaks of the billions of years. Non-Christians say that if the Bible has no credibility with respect to astronomy and physics, why should they trust it for anything else?

A Trillion Galaxies

- but as far as physicists know; only ours can support life.

Two American astrophysicists concluded about a year ago that rare indeed is the galaxy that has the right number of this special kind white dwarf binary pair in the right location, occurring at the right time, so that life can exist today. The universe contains a trillion galaxies. But ours may be the only one that has the necessary conditions for life to exist.

The right star is needed. We can't have a star any bigger than our Sun. The bigger the star, the more rapidly and erratically it burns its fuel. Our Sun is just small enough to keep a stable enough flame for a sufficient period of time to make life possible. If it were any bigger, we couldn't have life on planet Earth. If it were any smaller, we'd be in trouble, too. Smaller stars are even more stable than our star, the Sun, but they don't burn as hot. In order to keep our planet at the right temperature necessary to sustain life, we'd have to bring the planet closer to the star.

Tidal Forces

The physicists in the audience realize that when you bring a planet closer to its star, the tidal interaction between the star and the planet goes up to the inverse fourth power to the distance separating them.

For those of you who are not physicists, that means that all you have to do is bring that planet ever so much closer to the star, and the tidal forces could be strong enough to break the rotational period. That's what happened to Mercury and Venus. Those planets are too close to the Sun; so close that their rotational periods have been broken, from several hours to several months. 

Earth is just barely far enough away to avoid that breaking. We have a rotation period of once every 24 hours. If we wait much longer, it will be every 26 or 28 hours, because the Earth's rotation rate is slowing down. Going back in history, we can measure the time when the Earth was rotating every 20 hours. When the Earth was rotating once every 20 hours, human life was not possible. If it rotates once every 28 hours, human life will not be possible. It can only happen at 24 hours.

We have a paradox stated and needs clarification. In a backwards wobble, the earth is still rotating from original 360-day orbit around the sun but slowed down in a parabolic time curve to end 2012 AD @ 365.24 days or 5 days more as the spin axis became totally frozen - proven by the Aztec calendar. It is like counting the forward steps going up a sand dune and not subtracting the lost steps from sliding back and total how many forward steps it took to reach the top. Like the Aztec calendar of the second pyramid of five in the outdoor museum in Mexico City, they measured 260 forward steps but were sliding back 105 days due to the backward wobble of the earth. Add them together and you get the 365 days around the sun. That would also change to longer or shorter days recorded in the Chinese calendar.

It took the Aztec priests 5 pyramids to correct their calendar until they became smart and built a wall with stone skull-heads measuring solstice cycles with a 14.30 years declining wobble constant. That was later better defined by the Antikythera clock with more fractions - 14.305789. The Greeks designed a clock with high technology of a flexible declining time dimension with 32 static bronze gears - a genius device not figured out by atheistic scientists believing in a evolution religion blinded to real scientific facts.  

Speed of Earth's Rotation

If the planet rotates too quickly, you get too many tornadoes and hurricanes. If it rotates too slowly, it gets too cold at night and too hot during the day. We don't want it to be 170 degrees during the day, nor do we want it to be below – 100 at night, because that's not ideal for life. We don't want lots of hurricanes and tornadoes, either.

What we currently have is an ideal situation, and God planned it that way. He created us here at the ideal time.  We need the right Earth. If the Earth is too massive, it retains a bunch of gases such as Ammonia, Methane, Hydrogen and Helium in its atmosphere. These gases are not acceptable for life, at least, not for advanced life. But if it's not massive enough, it won't retain water. For life to exist on planet Earth, we need a huge amount of water, but we don't need a lot of ammonia and methane.

Remember high school chemistry? Methane's molecular weight 16, ammonia's molecular weight 17, water's molecular weight is 18. God so designed planet Earth that we keep lots of the 18, but we don't keep any of the 16 or 17.

The incredible fine-tuning of the physical characteristics of Earth is necessary. We even have to have the right Jupiter. We wrote about this in Facts and Faith a few issues back, but it was discovered by American astrophysicists just this past year. Unless you have a very massive planet like Jupiter, five times more distant from the star than the planet that has life, life will not exist on that planet. 

It takes a super massive planet like Jupiter, located where it is, to act as a shield, guarding the Earth from comic collisions. We don't want a comet colliding with Earth every week. Thanks to Jupiter, that doesn't happen.  What these astrophysicists discovered in their models of planetary formation was that it's a very rare star system indeed that produces a planet as massive as Jupiter, in the right location, to act as such a shield.

We Even Need the Right Moon

The Earth's moon system is that of a small planet being orbited by a huge, single moon. That huge, single moon has the effect of stabilizing the rotation axis of planet Earth to 23½ degrees. That's the ideal tilt for life on planet Earth.

The axis on planet Mars moves through a tilt from zero to 60 degrees and flips back and forth. If that were to happen on Earth, life would be impossible. Thanks to the Moon, it's held stable at 23½ degrees. Just as with the universe, in the case of the solar system, we can attach numbers to these. In this case, I've chosen to be extremely conservative in my estimates. I would feel justified in sticking a few zeros between the decimal point and the one. I would feel justified in making this 20 percent, 10 percent, for example, and on down the line.

I might add to this story why the moon is not synchronized with the 12 earth velocity cycles, being a little short. Before 2288 BC the earth orbit was 360 days recorded in ancient calendars equals 30 days=one month synchronized with the moon. But only the earth got hit with an asteroid that changed the earth’s velocity, slowing it down to 365.24 days 5.24 more days in 4,300 years ending 2012 AD.

Think, the earth behaves like a train without windows going around the sun, but the passenger is the moon not sitting on the bench but walking forward adding to the velocity. Then it turns around to walk opposite, or against the train’s motion. Velocity is related to gravity in a teeter-totter law. The moon’s gravity is like a rubber band that has not caught up and is still behind about 2 days. This is why it moves away from the earth a couple of inches every year science tells me. That could explain global warming as gravity changes for the train will never come back to the same orbit circle around the sun linked to a rubber-band moon cycles.

Even the Right Number of Earthquakes

I've got many characteristics here, and I let Californians know that we must have the right number of earthquakes. Not too many, not too few, or life is not possible. I share them with my wife, who doesn't like earthquakes, but I just tell her that when you feel a good jolt, that's when you have to thank God for his perfect providence.

How do you respond to the theory that the Big Bang that you're studying now is merely one of a series of Big Bangs? That the matter of the universe is constantly exploding, accelerating, decelerating, concentrating and re-exploding?

If the universe has sufficient mass, then its expansion will stop. Two massive objects tend to attract one another. The universe contains enough galaxies and quasars and other material that the mutual attraction would eventually take the steam out of the expansion of the universe, forcing the universe into a subsequent period of collapse.

There have been those of the Hindu persuasion who first began to believe 3,000 years ago that when the universe collapses, it will go through a bounce. It will rebound into a second stage of expansion, collapse, expansion, collapse, etc.  Then we're back to infinite time. If there are an infinite number of bounces of the universe, then you can postulate that this just happens to be that lucky bounce of the cosmos in which conditions were just right for the formation of life.

The truth of the matter is that it's physically impossible for the universe to bounce. In 1983, Alan Guth and Mark Sher published a paper in the British Journal of Nature titled, “The impossibility of a Bouncing Universe”. 

The reason it's impossible for the universe to bounce is because of its enormous entropy. It has a specific entropy of 1,000,000,000. That translates into a mechanical efficiency for the universe of 1/100,000,000 of a percent.  In terms of a bounce, if I have a ball in front of me, and I let if fall towards the carpeted floor, we can measure it's mechanical efficiency by how far it bounces off of the floor compared to the height from which I drop if. It's about 30% efficient.  The universe has a mechanical efficiency of 1/100,000,000 of a percent. Engineers in the audience will tell you that anytime an engine falls below a 1% mechanical efficiency, it will not oscillate. The universe falls 8 orders of magnitude short of that limit. Therefore, it's impossible.

This impossibility has not only been demonstrated in the classical physical sense, it's also been demonstrated under the conditions of quantum mechanics. Even if we're talking about a bounce in the period of time in which the universe is compressed smaller than a quantum entity, it's impossible. The universe could collapse, but we're still talking about only one creation event, only one beginning.

Therefore, we pull the rug out from under Hinduism, Buddhism and New Age philosophy, because all of those religions preach that the universe reincarnates. The fact that astrophysicists have demonstrated the impossibility of reincarnation scientifically demonstrates the fallibility of Hinduism, Buddhism and New Age philosophy.

In fact, we have several methods for age dating the universe. The burning of the stars, the ages of the oldest stars, the radiometric elements, and how we still have Uranium and Thorium in the universe. If the universe were one quadrillion years old, there'd be no Uranium or Thorium left at all. The fact that they exist tells us that the universe is relatively young.

Polonium HalosPolonium-218 halos as found inside granite rocks.  These have a half-life of 3 minutes, making it impossible for them to have formed over millions of years and survived until today-unless they were created quickly less than 10,000 years ago.

Since this paper was published more discoveries expand our horizons, hopefully looking around 360° to see more. Check out the following dating from combining all the clocks models in various museums linked to the Bible and true science. The result is prophecy written in advance dated very accurate to a day and corrected by a NASA calendar. It is as certain as the cake is baked.

70 witnesses can no longer be ignored. They explain so many questions. Lastly, a personal question, “Why were you born on this earth linked to a Jod universe dimension?” Only the Bible has the answer. An ugly caterpillar must die, but is not the end. Check out what emerges from the cocoon, and it will surprise anyone seeing a beautiful butterfly resurrected to be a NEW BEING to live forever in God’s House.

If you do not understand the blueprint of God’s creation,
you cannot understand the house you live in.

Let us make man in our likeness

The Saints Born
28 September 2015 (15 Tishri 5776)
That day is the only sun-moon eclipse projected in the sky within +/- 500years matching a Hebrew Feast of Tabernacle holiday since Moses time and linked to Jesus Christ birthday coming on the same day in the clouds;
A triple coincidence!
That ends my time dimension–Mem story
(+∞C/–∞C)² = E∞/m
The Great Apocalypse
4 January 2012 – 25 July 2015
God’s Wrath
Starting 7th month of the 12th cycle exploding with an asteroid.
10 September 2015
Plus 7 days earthquake ending
17 September 2015
Watch Jesus Coming!
With millions angels in festive garments
On a Sun-Moon eclipse
15 Tishri 5776
Starting the Third Civilization
28 September 2015

A Donut Atom Nuclear Story, page 8

Read John’s gospel.

The Wall Chart of World History - Professor Edward Hull –Barnes & Nobel Publishing Inc.1995

Gospel of John 1:1-5

“sea = Mem = time dimension with purpose. The Saints rule in God’s administration balancing the universe again – God’s Plan for Humanity closed.

Dr. Phil Wednesday-December 2, 2009 Pacific Time zone 8 pm.

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