Pearl #168 -

What is a Saint?


This essay is only meant for mature Christians looking for solid food and who are no longer satisfied with milk. Being born again is the starting point of the Christian faith, which is likened to being in first grade at school. We begin by learning the simple ABC’s and hopefully graduate to studying the full measure of the divine Plan for Mankind.

The basis of the Christian faith starts first with the assurance of eternal Life given before we die, but requires much more education to fit God’s requirement, if you want to be seated at Jesus’, the King of kings’ table. Remember Lucifer (the highest in the celestial Heh dimension) and his associates were cast out in 4488 BC. That created a vacancy in God’s governmental administration, which needs to be filled with qualified terrestrial saints. How to become a saint with such a high honor is my story, which I will now better define. 

Most Christians have resigned themselves to just dozing off in church, neither cold or hot, basking in the comfort of being forgiven, being assured to end up later in heaven, believing that is all we need to be happy. Many are not conscious of the golden opportunity only available in this Daleth dimension of this world and time: we can develop a personal, intimate relationship with the Creator. That opportunity is only possible here on earth, not in heaven.

Our reward, bestowed on the other side of the Jod dimension, could be a white stone embedded with a given name that is very special, given to no one else but the one who receives it. (Revelation 2:17) It will connect to the power base seat previously occupied by Satan but soon to be replaced with the saints.

This special name will function like a secret telephone number granting immediate communication access to the utmost, infinite Alpha-Power source, for important matters or just to say hello like a friend. I believe that to have instant access to the Creator will be the highest reward given to any mortal. Obtaining that secret white stone-telephone number is only possible while we live in our Daleth body, which is the only channel to express and demonstrate how much we really love the Lord.

At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.

Five of them were foolish and five were wise. The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. The wise, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut. Later the others also came. “Sir! Sir!” they said. “Open the door for us!”

But he replied, “I tell you the truth, I don't know you.” (Matthew 25:1- 4, 10-12)

If you are not sure, read the story in Matthew 25 where Jesus gives us some insight of this principle. There are ten virgins waiting for the bridegroom, yet when he finally came, only five entered the wedding. All had oil symbolic of the Holy Spirit while waiting, which is the indication of a born-again Christian.

Why does God have two groups among his children and why do we see in Scripture two resurrections of the dead?

The number ten in Hebrew is Jod, which is giving us a clue, since it means perfect union, law and responsibility, symbolized with a working hand at rest. The Jod dimension is the new heaven–new earth still in the making, but will be the final destiny with God living among redeemed mankind, no longer invisible, wiping away human tears in a personal encounter.

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying,
“See, the home of God is among mortals. He will dwell with them as their God; they will be his peoples, and God himself will be with them; he will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away.” (Revelation 21:3-4 NRSV)

All ten virgins will be resurrected because they are mortals, but the story told by Jesus has two separate events, divided by a time dimension. A time dimension, as defined by science, appeared within the very first verse in Genesis. That verse revealed two dimensions: Heh-heaven and Daleth-earth, interlinked by a time dimension for an embedded purpose. Because God implanted two resurrection events within a certain time, it must have purpose and should be looked at a little closer to see what theological opinions make sense.

Expanding our Bible vision, we see that the two resurrection events are only separated by one day on the Heh dimension platform, which means one thousand years on the Daleth time clock. Remember, a thousand years to mortals is only one day on the other Heh side. Therefore, from Adam to when any person in our time dies, they just snoozed off to wake up either one day earlier or one day later.

It will not make a difference from our mortal perspective. We have two resurrections mentioned in the Bible. Christians steeped in denominational confusion need to rethink what the Bible is really saying, since we now have tools available like the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) and the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in Daniel’s prophecy.

Stretching a Bible Horizon with Science

God’s oracles reveal instructions given to mankind, starting with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (4068-4004 BC). From the beginning, mankind was introduced to the Daleth schoolmaster, Satan, permitted by God to teach mortals about evil through the lessons of suffered experience.

Every mortal born must learn the lessons necessary for eternal life by being exposed to and experiencing evil with its consequences of an inherently fallen sinful nature. This painful experience is counter-balanced with the knowledge of what God wants us to be when we receive a new eternal body, as illustrated in the caterpillar-butterfly story. 

Since we are curious, mortals are always looking to know what is in the future. God gave us a Bible telescope of near and far vision to better understand history and prophecy. In between, we notice an embedded, undetermined time dimension that we try to figure out.

We have some tools now that were only recently discovered, which reveals in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), linked to Daniel’s prophecy, two 7:5 ratio levels, even written in two languages. Daniel prophesied the history of mankind, which would be interrupted by many wars. Looking back from the present, these wars are all dated. Their occurrence in historic-prophetic time appears in frequency cycles that can be charted. The cycles become higher in pitch further down the timeline.

Historical cycles are usually defined by increasingly advanced technology that is climaxed by the invention of weapons ever more deadly in their ability to kill - now a billion people with nuclear bombs in one hour.

History can be compared to a movie playing one frame at a time - either slowly or quickly, depending on its purpose. It is the same principle as a thousand Daleth years being equal to one Heh day. Therefore, when we read in Daniel 12:1 about the books that are opened and connected to a resurrection, we need to determine if it is a near or far time resurrection event, as Daniel’s clock scale of time-times-½ time could apply in either case.

Using the 7,000-year Hebraic calendar, we can pinpoint Daniel’s prophecy with two dates: one in the near vision of 3½ years and the other being a far vision at 3,500 years later. Both are surrounded with identically repeated events and dated by a temple destruction. Jewish history is very unusual as God intervenes and redirects events repeated over and over again. For example, the 9th of Av shows up countless times, repeating sufferings for Jews in history. Read New Research Pearl #103, Two Fast Days.

As a scientist, my Babushka book laid out the story of human history like an international train that comes with a schedule. History was overlaid with HANS and some handy math, like Hebrew hand rule 4+1=5. Bible history is cyclic, as the same events show up over again in different perspectives, always complying with a creation-restitution schedule for us, as illustrated in a near-far vision telescope. We have an example in Daniel that describes a temple being defiled, when it has been dedicated to be holy. Temple destructions therefore are time markers for the prophetic time telescope’s near-far vision.

For example, the Bible mentioned five (5) temples, with (4) four temples being in the Daleth dimension, and (1) one, which is in heaven-Heh dimension. Yet, they are differentiated by the Hebrew hand rule. The four Daleth Temple destructions can be dated to an exact day, which always happened to be the 9th of Av.

Confused theologians do not delineate between the Bible’s mention of two resurrections, as there is a near or far vision separated by a time-dimension that is only applied to mortals. It is obvious that Daniel 12 is dated with the far-vision clock overlay in the 3,500 year Hebraic calendar that is measured from 518 BC, but Daniel’s clock must include the difference of the declining ancient earth axis wobble ending in a corrected NASA calendar that is now dated more accurately – 9 Av 3018 AD (518+3017-35 = 3,500 Hebrew years). Notice how the books at the White Throne are only opened after there is no more time dimension!

With the near vision, temple defilement is repeated over again, but this time (25 July 2015) it is only 3½ years. Both near and far visions are recurring with an identical 3½ year period of the same events repeated. It is like we are standing in front of an Apocalypse 2008-2015, but a thousand years later there is another identical apocalypse with Satan’s last rebellion, ending with a temple destruction on the 9th of Av 3017 AD. That final rebellion is instigated by Satan immediately after his release from prison: he exactly repeats what he did before, messing up the holy place and killing the people. (Daniel 12:7) Despite the terrible destruction, Satan will end up in the Lake of Fire because the time dimension is no more, as it has ended in Taw.

Again we see the same 1335 days mentioned repeated, in the last far-vision, but this time it is starting with the Jod dimension. In the near vision, the Apocalypse 2008-2015, counting Daniel’s 1335 days on 4 January 2012, ends with the third temple defilement, which will then be destroyed on 9 Av 5775, which Jewish fast day falls on 25 July 2015. But it is also linked to the next holiday after the Day of Atonement (Daniel’s 1335 days), an equinox which is matching the only sun-moon eclipse within +/- 500 years range coinciding with a Jewish holiday.

I believe this day will be when the resurrection for the saints takes place so that they can appear with Jesus on His birthday. This extraordinary triple overlay establishes a new godly school for mortals, as Satan’s school was shut down when he is imprisoned in the abyss. (Revelation 20:1-3)

God’s Kingdom on earth will arrive on 28 September 2015, 15 Tishrei 5776, presenting different teachers and governed by the King of Kings, Jesus Christ coming with His entourage, the saints. One Heh-day later (1,000 mortal years), we have another general resurrection for almost every person who has ever lived. Everyone who passes the great White Throne will be transferred from the old to the new earth after the second resurrection, as the old Daleth-Heh dimension is melting together in a black hole Peter mentioned. God will provide a boat again for His children, as in Noah’s days. Jesus said it would be the same, to sail across the infinite universe space to the new Jod dimension.

The very first letter in Genesis is the Hebrew letter Beth in the word for “in the beginning,” and in HANS, Beth means “duality.” That is a scientific concept of creation we find throughout the Bible. It is like looking through a time dimension telescope to observe mankind’s history in a near and far vision. This twofold notion is one we can observe everywhere in nature like body-spirit, earth-heaven, atoms-galaxies, finite visible light – infinite invisible light, life-death etc., which is elaborated upon a little better in my concept Babushka egg books based on the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS).

Therefore, we read of people saved/predestined and some relegated to failure. Mankind’s duality has an embedded will designed with choices, which ultimately leads us to judgment, to finally resolve what motivated each person towards good or evil within the dimension of time.

Reading Daniel’s Daleth perspective, everyone, once arriving at the end of time (=Taw) humans and millions of angels alike will be judged before the White Throne. Born-again Christians may be a little confused to find themselves there, but with no exception, everyone ever born will either be rewarded for good deeds done or condemned.

It is at that juncture when the Heh and Daleth dimension will pass away, replaced with the new Jod dimension. Since we all were born in a system without escape, only two options are presented to mortals according to the restitution plan for a balanced universe to continue without evil. Standing before the White Throne at the end of time dimension (3018 AD), justice is doled out according to

Mercy unto Life < or > Mercy unto Death

We see that principle very much in nature, linked to the fundamental foundation, embedded with teeter-totter laws which are expressed in science. Since we have all sinned and therefore, according to the laws of the universe forfeited eternal life, God’s mercy ultimately decides the disposition of every living soul appearing before God.

However, God has permitted mankind to bargain with God if he wants to live forever or not. Remember, millions of people have lived on this earth and never heard the Gospel, but they were only controlled by what was embedded in a consciousness, knowing what was evil.

A free will was given to humans. It is a special gift meant only for mortals, so that each could decide to live in God’s house, which has some rules for a balanced universe, or not. Since Adams’ time, all mortals have lived life in the Daleth dimension, and experienced good and evil in Satan’s school to various degrees and must pass the teeter-totter test on the last day of time.

The Queen of the South will rise up with this generation at the judgment and will condemn it, because she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and behold, something greater than Solomon is here. (Matthew 12:42)

Everyone will be asked to tell the judge why he should pardon you and give him some good reasons. Your life will be played out in a movie to show the intent of your action recorded in books. If you lived after BC/AD, you have some advantage and more knowledge of God’s plan for mankind, which is revealed in the New Testament. If you previously accepted Jesus’ pardon, confessed your sins during the Daleth dimension (caterpillar cycle), you will be greatly honored and rewarded. You will be recognized by tens of thousands of angels in festal attire, surrounding the Throne.

But the teeter-totter principle still applies for every mortal, even to born again Christians. God will reward good deeds done according to “who much is given much is required.” Many made mistakes while in Satan’s school where they learn about good and evil, yet many were forgiven according to the Plan of Mankind, where God provided redemption which is recorded only in God’s divine oracles.

Saved or Damned - God’s Choice or Yours?

To widen our horizons and understand why we were born on this earth, let’s continue since so much theological confusion exists.

During his or her life on earth, all mortals must go through Satan’s school to learn about evil. Evil existed before, as the Bible tells us that it started with a rebellion in the highest government which happened about 4488 BC, instigated by Lucifer the light bearer, who became Satan, an opposition force. God later employed him to be a teacher for mortals.

His purpose for permitting Satan to live was to inoculate mortals and acquaint them with evil, so they would be eternally immunized against sin and snuff it out in the bud, so that there would never to be a rebellion again. The replacement of God’s previous rebellious government brought about a new creation act called mankind, but this time it was a little different.

Angels were created before humans being much more powerful, living within the infinite light universe on a higher frequency level. They were basically cloned. Once angels have sinned, it is like a broken dinner plate that cannot be repaired. If you want to know more about some strange dating check out ancient mystery clocks dating God’s Plan for Humanity free on the Internet.

Mankind however is different. Humans are born in a two stage polarity cycle (caterpillar-butterfly), but on the lower (finite light frequency) domain, according to the second law of thermodynamics. That caused a time dimension to be inserted in all of nature which made mankind mortal. In the first stage, mortals can experiment with what is good and evil, but it needs to be balanced with God’s immortal breath, a spiritual force embedding physical life in every person.

In science, the second entropy law is linked to the first entropy law, which is the eternal infinite energy source where a daily decision must be made for good or evil. Our records of what we do are kept in books with our name on it, which will be opened on the last day, together with a special Book of Life with the name of saints in it.

If you have a tombstone somewhere on earth, it usually has two birthdays embedded for mortals: one for the Daleth dimension, the other when the spirit passed through the cocoon to the other side or the Heh dimension. You could learn more by reading the seven Babushka concept books.

When a person is born in a finite time dimension, he will finally be convinced by painful experiences of our mortality while aging, and hopefully come to that point in life that only God can ultimately balance out whatever is missing. There is no other choice, but to trust God. He promised that He will listen to our prayers, which is the only channel left open for silently groaning mortals to tell him, it hurts.

That is the only channel available for us to have access to the highest power in the universe. We humbly ask for forgiveness, based on Jesus’ provision when He suffered and died on the cross. We accept His atonement for all our transgressions which violated the law of the universe. He nullified the laws and there was a demand to make us righteous in God’s eyes. The Bible tells us, so therefore it is. It will cancel out for mortals the demand of that law governing the universe. We will now have the opportunity to ask for Mercy unto Life, which is readily given. It will be granted because that was the Plan for Mankind.

However, some do not meet the requirement, as deeds done in the Daleth dimension will bear out. Rebellious, unrepentant, sinful behavior against other members of the human race created a debt that must first be paid before Mercy unto Death is activated. God’s justice system in the universe, according to law must always prevail or you have chaos and anarchy. Either agree with God’s justice and provision or tell him, “I want out.”

By being exposed to all that was personally done in your life, you will realize upon renewed consciousness, that there never will be a place to live among the others in harmony. It will always produce problems, insisting and blaming God, mixed with previous rebellious behavior.

In His mercy God created this system so that He can in justice grant your desire to end it all. The unrepentant can ask for Mercy onto Death to escape Hell, not being able to pay his debt. A debtor’s hell is a horribly lonely place. Jesus said it is extremely cold outer darkness until all debt is paid.

Either Jesus will forgive you, since He made provision and paid the debt for us, or the unpardoned sinner must pay, since the law is equalized, will segregate that which is destined for two directions, like a teeter-totter balance system, which is seen in physics. The principle “Who much is given, much will be required” applies. If you are interested, read Beyond the Experience of Death, chapter 6 page 185, in the first Babushka book, Apocalypse Prophesied, or search that chapter on the Internet.

Let’s focus on those who will receive Eternal Life, which is dual again or rather two groups of people. I am sure that the majority of saved and pardoned people would just like to settle down and have a happy life in the Jod dimension, with friends surrounding them - perhaps with a garden or beachfront to enjoy life forever, undisturbed and without evil. But even in a future Jod dimension, we must have order because that is God’s nature. Therefore, God needs helpers to organize a party to teach about how the universe was created for further development, since redeemed mankind still always wants to know how it all works so well.

Who are the Saints?

The Bible identifies as the Saints those special people who have a deep desire to be involved, to help God with governing the universe, surrounded by angels. They will occupy the vacant positions from which a number of rebellious angels were previously removed.

Therefore, the saints are special. They are motivated people who are one notch higher because of their desire to be closer to God, seated at His table, occupied in the future planning of the Jod dimension. I call it the King of Kings’ (Jesus) Entourage, which functions like the staff in the White House. Sainthood requires special training and is costly, even very scary.

Jesus said that the saint’s life must experience much more suffering and be tested on a higher level to learn all about how evil came about, how it grows like a mushroom in the night. The saint has to be ever watchful and to snuff it out at the bud. Sainthood is thus inoculated with horrible evil. It has acquired a higher immune system to govern a Jod dimension universe with wisdom, watching for any signs going in the wrong direction, always being connected to the source of everything with instant access for advice.

Remember every saint has a telephone number name embedded in the white stone with direct and immediate access to Jesus who is on the throne. Therefore, the saints are destined for a higher position and are intended to rule together intimately with Jesus, for the benefit of the future new earth and angel community. They are expected to direct a flourishing society in the Jod dimension and to enjoy the new life, resting in safety.

The angels will be rejoicing also, having friends next to God, never to be upset again and no longer facing another rebellion. They experienced a terrible time too, but now it is guaranteed to be peaceful forever because the saints still remember since they also suffered much more, just like Jesus their Master.

To sum it up, a saint is a society modifier and wants everybody to change and adapt to the divine blueprint of a perfect godly life. Many of the first Christians (1 Corinthians 16:16) for example, had a burning desire to change the surrounding pagan society. They did not mind the destruction and theft of their property, and many ended as martyrs, being totally dedicated and loyal to the Lord.

Paul’s letters make it very clear that in any locality, there were some highly inspired promoters of the new way, teaching and laying the foundation to finalize God’s Plan for Mankind. Most Old Testament prophets suffered by speaking out and pointing to God’s oracles that were violated, but everyone expressed the hope for a future restitution, which will climax in the saint’s resurrection, to continue what they fought for.

If you desire to become a saint, your motivations are important: how much you love the Lord and do you mind suffering for Jesus’ sake. Check out the people below the throne in the heaven chamber, where the fifth seal is mentioned. (Revelation 6:9; 7:13) These were mostly beheaded saints, and thousands standing before the throne who were martyred during the Apocalypse praising God.

Throughout history, we see many sufferings by certain individuals that frequently ended with terrible deaths. They were unyielding, proclaiming God’s truth and being exposed to horrible evil of every color and variety that Satan could invent. The Bible is full of examples such as Job.

But many are unknown, like the three Christian teenage girls recently, who were going home dressed in Christian school clothing which identified their faith. Then, out of nowhere, they were attacked by enraged Islamic fanatics who were brainwashed in Satan’s religion. They butchered the girls on a public street by horribly mutilating their bodies with Islamic swords, yet this was welcomed by the spectators watching the beheading and hacked limbs being separated, with the girls’ blood all over the pavement.

It is no different than John Huss, an Archbishop of the highest Catholic Church officials, who was burned at the stake in a Prague marketplace, next to an ancient clock tower, which I describe in my third Babushka book. If you still want to be a saint, check out my previous Pearl findings, which will get you on the path on how to become a saint. You need an introduction from another saint, just like Jesus appointed one disciple, then brought along His brother and friends.

Originally, Jesus sent out 70 faithful associates among the common people who were empowered to do great miracles, and who witnessed many events demonstrating God’s authority, but they got reduced and ended with only 11 sitting around the table in the upper room, just before Jesus was crucified. Jesus did not select from the highest educated scholars of the religious establishment, but He chose fishermen, even the lowest tax collector scum who was helping an oppressive foreign government. All of them were personally appointed, but they ended with much suffering and eventually 10 were later executed, but their names are recorded on the foundation of the golden heavenly city, which is mentioned in Revelation.

The golden heavenly city is a pyramid-shaped satellite spaceship previously recognized 2,000 years ago by three wise men that were looking for the Star of Bethlehem that was moving ahead of them. That brilliant, shiny pyramid-shaped satellite, having a footprint of 15,000 miles and is described by John in Revelation, will later permanently rest on a much bigger new earth designed by God, to live among mortals in the butterfly stage in the Jod dimension.

Reading the near-vision story of Esther gives us a perspective of the inner makings of a far-vision saint, risking their life to see the King with a death letter hanging over all the saints, concocted by an atheistic world beast system. Check out the book of Ester Purim, parallel linked to the far-vision apocalypse in a New Research Pearl.

The First Resurrection Better Explained

God’s real Plan for Humanity will surprise many theologians, as I noticed that only the Jesus Entourage’ the saints, may be resurrected on (28 September 2015) to further prepare and be tutored for the Jod dimension government during the 1,000 years of peace. Thus, only the saints qualify for the rationale needed to appear on earth again 1,000 years (one Heh day) ahead of the general resurrection evaluation schedule before the White Throne Judgment of almost all of the others who have ever lived.

The two resurrections are spaced one day apart from the Heh dimension perspective. The First Resurrection will reflect a special purpose as logic seems to show and only needs a smaller number - perhaps 200 million. This number is indirectly mentioned in Revelation. I suspect that the size of the vacancy in God’s administration is alluded to where the number of rebellious angels, who had been put in prison and were released at the end of the Apocalypse (4 April 2015 - the only sun eclipse matching the Jewish holiday). They then demonically possess people who have the Beast number on their forehead, which becomes the First Woe. Check the number? It is an army of 200,000,000!

The saints will come from across the spectrum of 6,000 years, which I am sure will include Adam along with his wife Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses and the many prophets who are all named in the book of books right down to our time. That could mean many born-again Christians may not qualify, miss the bridegroom and be left behind.

That idea is in conflict with theological teaching that does not explain the delineating purpose of why God appoints a special group. Not all born again and rewarded people will qualify to rule with Jesus and to govern billions of angels. If you are a Christian, do not be discouraged if you’re not being appointed for a special job and arrive one Heh-day later. You will experience union with Jesus because you love him. You will get a home just the same to be happy forever.

That will shake many theologians who are duped by denominational opinions. Most religious leaders just want to be seen upfront and to shine as number one, only to later find out they are not included because they are misled by false opinions coined from the Middle Ages. They never discovered what the Plan for Humanity really was.

Look a little closer at many the Bible verses about the Saints according to God’s Plan for Mankind. They reveal that the First Resurrection is very limited in scope and purpose, and is inserted into the total 7,000-year history spectrum of mankind for a special reason. God’s plan does not match the opinions of many theologians who mistakenly teach a 2,000-year church age cycle from thin air although it does not correspond to God’s clock. They preach this idea along with the feel good Rapture fairy tale in many churches.

Check out those mystery clocks in museums. Scientists do not know what they measure, but they now can be compared to the overall Plan of Restitution, putting the train of the universe back on track in logical order to make sense.

In comparing Daniel with Revelation, both instances reported a throne with the Ancient being seated. (Daniel 7:9 & Revelation 5:1-14) But we have different people seen all around who were persecuted to death, but there are some under the Altar beheaded (Revelation 6:9) and some around the throne (Revelation 7:13). Like two different positions viewed in a 360° projection, with one coming from across six (6) Heh days (6,000 years) and the other from the 3½ year Apocalypse, according to the 7:5 ratio. One will serve around the heavenly temple, and the other will be involved at the 4th earthly temple, which becomes the educational department to teach the laws from the heavenly temple.

Theologians need to learn about science and the plan for the universe before postulating theories like the Left Behind books. Confused theologians, who still hold on to obsolete Middle Ages opinions, are mainly interested in selling books to gullible Christians. They write sermons or stories based on narrow-minded theology. They are neither educated in the Plan for Humanity nor in soundly proven science.

The First Resurrection is not the end goal. Most Christians misunderstand God’s Plan being blinded by the many denominational opinions. The First Resurrection is a continuation until the time dimension is no more: it is a prerequisite for ending time and bringing on the Second Resurrection or Last Judgment.

That limited number of saints resurrected is just the right size for a special purpose: First on the Daleth side, matching one saint to take care (1:7) of seven to ten children who survived the Apocalypse and God’s Wrath. Second, they are appointed to be further trained by Jesus as judges (Revelation 6) and teachers to rule with Christ during the 1,000 years of God’s Kingdom on Earth over nations of mortal people.

Mortals were destined to be resurrected for a different dimension and will not come back to earth, which will be destroyed after the 1,000 years (3018 AD), because it is not our permanent home! To sleep in the grave one more day or to have a good time in paradise for another day (not being resurrected), should not frighten Christians. It is just another day - one day in that dimension, but on earth that could mean a thousand years.

When you wake up in the Jod dimension, you will be in the Lord’s presence. As for some, it will be a surprise just how long they really dosed off, when looking at the human calendar from Daniel’s perspective. Being rewarded before the White Throne at the end of time as seen in heaven, they are only coming out (by appointment) from the seven-year Apocalypse, which started 2008. (Revelation 7:13)

Check it out. It is estimated that 250,000 Christians were killed annually worldwide, which is not mentioned in the atheistic NEWS media, but it is not forgotten because it is seen on the Heh side, surrounded with ten thousands of angels in festive attire, welcoming those who are no longer persecuted and frightened, but saved and greatly honored.

After the birth bang of the Apocalypse ending with God’s wrath (17 September 2015), the divine plan for restitution will finalize with a future third civilization on the earth and will again grow a population exponentially into the billions. Since mortals are still programmed sinfully inclined, they need good teachers, as Satan’s school is closed. Remember he is chained in the underworld Heh-prison. The Bible states that the following Jod dimension of the new earth and new heaven was meant to be the permanent resting place for all saved, resurrected people, but they must be trained first.

If across the span of 6000 years, all saved people would be resurrected and come back on this old earth by the billions at that time (after 28 September 2015), the earth would be too small a place. It is not their home anymore since it is filled with bloodshed and painful memories. It would not be fun to roam around. Conversely, the other Heh side would be a lonely place with Jesus absent because he is very busy forming a new civilization on this old earth, which is not finished yet, as the wedding day was planned at the end of the time dimension.

My choice would be to sleep one more Heh day and wait for all things to shake out. My opinion is that the old worn-out earth is too small, with not enough room for everyone to be resurrected and milling around without purpose. Especially lukewarm Christians, who are scuttled and confused about God’s Plan for Mankind. Imagine them still wandering about, only educated in denominational opinions from a pastor’s folly that has been preached in so many churches. Pastors should have been educated in physics to learn that a time dimension must first disappear in order for the Jod dimension to crystallize out for everyone to be resurrected into. Read my book, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story, to broaden your horizons in physics and about the coming new Jod dimension universe that follows this one of time.

The concept of a limited resurrection linked with a special purpose (Mem) is in conflict with many theologians, who logically wonder about just where exactly do we find the mystery 200 million resurrected saints hidden in the Bible?

There are very few theologians understanding the Plan for Humanity, which has only recently been discovered. New discoveries like HANS, the Rosetta Stone in Daniel’s prophecy and the ancient bronze-gold clocks in many museums must logically overlay with the Plan for Mankind to make clear that not everybody resurrected will govern in the future Jod dimension universe.

Each resurrection period was designed with a special rationale, just like gears in a clock must work together as a system. The duality principle (Beth) also reflects the underpinning of two resurrections, just like the small hand and the larger hand on the clock dial are each designed for separate purposes. Theologians may not be educated in science, but if they linked science to God’s Word, they would discover the purpose of God’s Plan for Humanity in harmony with nature. The laws of physics conform to the laws the Creator embedded in prophecy, which together shine light on the obscure sections in the Bible.

Most theologians do not know the correct, reassembled Revelation puzzle picture of the future. Applying the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) has corrected the chronologically mixed-up pages of John’s letter. Do you not wonder why we have a hundred denominations sprung up all around, with opinionated leaders starting yet another Christian church? Even Paul complained bitterly about it.

Later in Revelation 2, God summed up the condition of seven churches that had fallen away from the true path, like Israel’s failure to continue God’s oracles when He appointed individual prophets. It is now duplicated in the new covenant by special saints like Martin Luther, who translated the Bible in Germany and was followed by many reformers in other countries. God’s Plan for Humanity was better explained but still ended in failure again, like the spiritually dead churches in my neighborhood. Read the consequences of how Christians in this generation destroyed America.

To understand God’s Plan for Mankind on an elevated level, you should join Daniel’s Wise Club, which is now open for membership. (Daniel 12:10)  That can answer many of your questions, such as the dating of the Apocalypse, which has started. You can learn its purpose linked to God’s wrath.

 [21 December 2008 <> 21 December 2015]

The Apocalypse can be dated, because it is embedded in the solstice earth axis positions, which cannot be manipulated by ignorant theologians or scientists. Even being a highly educated born-again theologian with a PhD degree is no guarantee that you will be chosen automatically as a saint, because the selection process to belong to God’s administration is by appointment only.

The Plan of God is now fully revealed. It is even dated by ancient bronze-gold and stone clocks, exhibited in various museums. The last clock from around the 1500s that I had discovered became a tourist attraction. It is high up on the bell tower in Prague-Czechoslovakia, which was built by Charles V, Emperor of Europe. It is the same clock system as the Aztec one (2000 BC) or the Greek Antikythera clock (100 BC) and many others exhibited in museums, but this one is the biggest.

Now the Apocalypse time can be measured, in spite of comatose Christians repeating that “no one knows the day”. They need to be educated in what the Bible is really saying.

Then we can compare it with the science of our Gregorian calendar, which is now corrected to a NASA atomic clock. We can calibrate the modern calendar with the ancient ones using the ancient clock constant of 14.305789, which is now exposed for the first time. That uncovered an exponential, parabolic downhill time curve, ending our earth wobble at 2012 AD, coming to rest with a 23½-degree axis position.

If we multiplied that constant with Daniel’s clock (time-times-½ time) or [2:1:½] ratio, it tells us the timing of the Apocalypse to a day; therefore, this constant itself becomes a witness from science. We need (3) three witnesses in any court of law, but we have 70 witnesses collected and discovered, all based on God’s Word and posted as the Babushka books and New Research Pearls on the Internet.

Considering again that this is not preached in church, then the logic of God’s design for mankind leads us to facts never postulated in seminaries. One conclusion is that perhaps the First Resurrection was inserted and is very limited in scope.

Conceivably, it was meant only for the saints, limited in size to the number now needed in God’s Kingdom under Jesus as King and Teacher. Therefore, it makes no sense to wait to the very end of time, when time is no more, to stand before the White Throne, where everyone, billions upon billions will be evaluated. The Jod dimension will then be ready to house those people who need a place.

God appointed and restricted the First Resurrection for some special people, only those needed during God’s Kingdom on earth. He must have someone to take care of people, mostly those who are children and parentless, who survived the after-effects of the Second Woe. The Second Woe of four Death Angels appearing will be followed by the Third Woe, which is a 7-day long earthquake set off by an asteroid strike – perhaps the one identified as passing near the earth in an 825-day orbit around the sun.

Asteroid EntryThat asteroid was reported in Popular Science magazines in 2006 where they measured a rock 52 Km in size. It was tracked in space by scientists and projected to hit the earth, where it is anticipated to have devastating results. This has already been shown on the educational TV channel. Watch the date projected, [10 September 2015], which has a triple overlay from HANS, prophecy and ancient calendars.

That will end with Satan’s school being permanently closed down and replaced with devout teachers appointed godly administrators, the resurrected saints. They are well qualified to instruct future generations as to what is evil and good, which is now better defined and imprinted by horrible personal experiences inflicted during Satan’s school. They will give many examples from life across a diversified, 6,000-year old, multicultural perspective.

According to Daniel’s projection, the saints will be overcome temporarily (one year time limit) by Satan’s Islamic religion, which is the Fourth Beast of Daniel’s vision. The Islamic Antichrist’s armies will kill Jews and Christians across the globe until God’s wrath is poured out over an atheistic population. This is now dated accurately by HANS, which will globally reduce this godless civilization to 15%. If you are mathematically inclined, you can calculate this figure very accurately from the Bible verses projected. Read my Pearl #126 - Population Curve According to the Bible.

This would mean that mostly innocent children would survive, without regards to parents. The four Death Angels will kill anyone not marked with God’s signature. Therefore, they will perish by God’s wrath. (Revelation 9:16) It will be similar to Moses time when the Death Angel passed over where it saw the blood mark on the door post.

Think. Fifty percent in any population mix are innocent, smaller children unless they are brainwashed into hating Jews, just as in Islamic tradition. Then, they will be killed too. God needs mortal beings like Noah’s children, but this time without a boat. A lot more will be surviving to repopulate the next and final civilization. The question I ask theologians is, how will God take care of the pre-selected surviving children, destined for God’s Kingdom on earth?

AtlantisRemember, in the near vision, which was in Moses’ time, only the children entered the Promised Land. The parents were left behind; the adults all perished in the desert with the exceptions of Joshua and Caleb.

The horrendous, prophesied disaster by an asteroid, which has already been discovered by science waiting in space, was projected to collide with earth on 10-17, September 2015. This strike will destroy our civilization just like the Atlantis civilization, which disappeared during Noah’s time in 2287 BC. All our buildings, everything we have collected in an advanced high-tech society, will not survive the seven days of uninterrupted earthquakes prophesied. Read the Bible where it is clearly stated. It needs no imagination.

The earth will recuperate to its former splendor, fish will come back, and GMO polluted vegetables will die off, wild life will flourish again. Even honeybees will appear, once more pollinating useful fruits and flowers. All will be converted to a new godly civilization to teach the Ten Commandments for a second time to every child up until the last 1,000 years.

But this time, in addition to being on a higher level, the resurrected Saints will be teaching God’s divine laws to the new generation from the metaphysical, Heh dimension side. The purpose of God’s design will require special people, the Saints, which are even mentioned before Noah’s generation (2288 BC) in the book of Enoch, which will become the new administrators and tutors to be trained for the future Jod dimension, which will be a totally new administration.

God previously removed Lucifer (now demoted to Satan), who caused a rebellion with his seditious angels and who will ultimately be destroyed in a black galaxy hole followed by a time dimension. That event gave mortals the opportunity for existence and for some to become saints. The new administration replacement, who are the Saints must therefore gain more experience in government and in teaching God’s laws. They need an extra 1,000 years of training because mortality and the evil experienced during those 6,000 years of stages evolving into complex societies, requires a lot of correction and training to make them fit for a new appointed job. To be included in the entourage of Jesus Christ, one will be perfected and tutored personally by Jesus Himself to the Creator’s standard.

The old Daleth, our earth dimension and the Heh dimension (heaven) will melt together in a pre-arranged galaxy black hole. In his letter, Peter mentioned that perhaps some evil angels might hide somewhere in the previous universe, only to appear later and cause trouble again. That made it necessary for a new Jod dimension, totally free of hidden evil, according to the grand plan now revealed for the first time to mankind, better educated in atoms and nature, if you are scientifically inclined.

Therefore, the first resurrection is very limited in scope, as the new earth-new heaven-JOD dimension is now being made ready for after 3018 AD. At that time, it will be ending the time dimension and all of mankind will experience a Great White Throne Judgment to pass the test for Mercy unto Life or Mercy onto Death, according to the teeter-totter balance based on a Daleth life performance.

That is the primary general resurrection for everyone framed by 7,000 years on the Hebrew calendar. Many born-again Christians received extra information through the New Testament, but did not take advantage of becoming a saint. They lived like the world around them, lukewarm in their faith, comatose, not willing to suffer; therefore they do not qualify to be a saint and will be left behind like the other 5 virgins with no oil, but not lost forever.

All those given Mercy unto Life will enter paradise at a transfer station, to relocate into a boat like Noah’s family and sail to the Jod dimension across a vast ocean space at the end of the time dimension. Eternal life in the Jod dimension will be like a beautiful butterfly emerged from the cocoon, prepared for the redeemed, godly people saved from the old planet.
All the others not passing the test will melt away into a black hole with the rest of the Heh-Daleth time dimension, no longer existing. That will include Death. Everything will be made new according to physics now expressed in my book, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story. You can check it out, if you are interested in science from the Bible. 

Let’s investigate some more lessons to make sure you’re no longer confused about dating the Apocalypse, which is a big problem for comatose Christians asleep in church that do not want their feathers ruffled. They would rather keep themselves too busy to think by making a living to buy bigger cars or monster-houses. That is over now. We must adjust to the timing, as the Apocalypse is getting exponentially worse. Read my Babushka concept books for further education. They are free on the Internet. They define the Plan for Humanity a little better in a fully-rounded perspective that is never preached in church.

Keep sending questions as God will bless his Word always true to add to the New Research Pearls. Maybe this instruction opened the way for you to become a Saint?

The Great Apocalypse 2008-2015
4 January 2012 – 25 July 2015
Opening on 7th month of the 12th cycle
exploding with an Asteroid on

10 September 2015
Starting to shake the earth uninterrupted 7 days earthquake God’s Wrath ending
17 September 2015
Watch Jesus Coming on his Birthday!
With millions Angels in festive garments.
The Saints resurrected on a Sun-Moon eclipse matching the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles
15 Tishri 5776
A triple overlay starting the Third Civilization Teth Age

28 September 2015 Ending 9th Av 3017
Earth and Heaven melting into a black galaxy hole reborn a Jod Dimension

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea (Mem) was no more. And I saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem (Star of Bethlehem), coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. (Revelation 21:1-2 NSRV)

Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, my third Babushka book.

Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, Aztec-Mayan Calendar, Antikythera & Other Ancient Clocks Confirm 21 December 2012 in Bible Prophecy.

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Pearl #169 – Islam is the Prophesied Beast System

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